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01 March 2013

   Dropped prices...

We have significatnly dropped our prices!

As stated below, and are separated today. In addition to this development we are happy to annonce that we have significantly reduced our prices.

Buy now and your earnings will be increased by 16-26%! :)



23 February 2013

   Changes in our webshops...

Important changes in our webshops

This is to announce that from 1 March 2013 kontaktbanks and reasonbanks will be divided into independent selling platforms, and our designated soundbank types will be developed and released separately.

Following this reorganisation the product licences will only contain one format: you can buy the refill version in the reasonbanks' webshop, while the kontakt versions will be available only in kontaktbanks' webshop.

These changes are not retrospective: licences that were purchased before 1 March 2013 will continue to contain both Kontakt and Reason refill versions, and both versions of products so purchased will remain available as well.



13 February 2013

   Just for fun... :)

We have created two great wallpapers for your desktop, they're based on the graphical design of QuickSilver refill:


QuickSilver Colour      QuickSilver dark

Click on the picture to download!


31 December 2012

   We wish you a Happy New Year!


5 June 2012

   PinkNoise Studio proudly presents: VOYAGER

This is it. After such a long development, VOYAGER refill has been finished and is available now!

VOYAGER is an analogue synth refill, based on the sounds of the famous Minimoog Voyager synthesizer.


26 January 2012

   PinkNoise Studio is 15 years old now

Yes. It's a long time… when we started, there were no soft-samplers in existence. We worked on hardware sampler cards which carried a very limited capacity.

Gravis Ultrasound, Turtle Beach Maui, Tropez, Pinnacle, Terratec EWS64… does anyone remember them at all?

These samplers educated us, and we have learned a lot of things - for example how to optimize our libraries and how to fit a sampled instrument into 4, 8 or 32 MB of RAM. They also taught us that quality always prevails over quantity.

Since then the world of sampling has dramatically changed. The hardware samplers slowly but surely disappeared. Now we use software samplers - they provide us with practically unlimited capacity, and carry so many features that we have never been able to imagine before. We have terabytes of libraries - no limits.

But we never forget where we are coming from and we remain committed to our fundamental value: quality must win over quantity.

OK, that's all for pathos...


22 December 2010

   Analogue Monsters again...

Analogue Monsters 3 FREE edition is out!


AM3 FREE edition is a "must have" collection for every Reason users. It provides a great basic set of vintage and modern analogue synthesizer sounds, covering arps, bass, leads, pads, mono- and poly keys, based on nine famous analogue synthesizers.

And the best: it's completely free!



23 November 2010

New site launched!

Well, strictly speaking it's not a Reason related news, but today is a great day for us: after many months of planning and developing, we launch a new sister site of reasonbanks: has opened today!

As its name suggests, this site is dedicated to Kontakt, the industry standard sampler from Native Instruments.

At the same time we are proud to present Revolver for Kontakt, our very first library available in native Kontakt format.

The Kontakt version of Revolver is not just a conversion! It has been entirely rebuilt starting from the scratch, and thanks to the Kontakt's advanced scripting technology we were able to create a software instrument that sounds and behaves as a real hardware!

We have also made some improvements on reasonbanks, most of which are imperceptible, but believe us: we have devoted a lot of work to it. You can notice that the design has been changed a bit as well. We hope you like it.

By the way: from now on you can follow us on


31 May 2010

New Analogue Monster: REVOLVER is out!



30 April 2010

  Goodbye DVD!

The commerce of CD and DVD versions of our products (that need physical shipping) will be discontinued from 3 May 2010.

Thanks to the general use of broadband internet the disk versions have become obsolete in the past few years.

So we will only distribute our refills in downloadable format , and we believe this is the most comfortable option for all of us.



New bundled packs - you can save 25%

In addition to the BIG BUNDLE, we created two more bundled packages, as we think these refills belong together and somehow they complement well each other.

Waldorf Bundle: ORANGE3 + LEMON

The ultimate package for Waldorf fans. Three Waldorf synths in one pack, based on 3.7 GB sample source. You get also the Keyboard Loop player as a bonus.


Eric's Bundle: Analog Night + Quadrasynth Story

Two "classic" NN-XT synth refill from Eric Corminier, aka "".
A great collection for every musician, and for French people, it is a must have! ;-)

Bundled versions are available in our e-shop.


31 December 2009

  Mountain Synth - new free refill


How can we celebrate the fantastic new 2010 year? Yes, with a new free refill!:)

Mountain Synth is a free refill from Eric Corminier aka, inspired by the big mountains of the French Alps.

38 Combinator patches
79 Thor patches

Audio demos:   first loop      second loop

Mountain synth is available for free. Login, download and enjoy! :)


We wish you Happy New Year and all the best for 2010! :)


24 November 2009

  Lemon review in Music Tech Magazine

Lemon received MusicTech Excellence Award and got 10/10 points in the issue 81 of Music Tech Magazine (UK)   read Lemon review

User reviews have been updated as well.

By the way, you can write your own review by clicking here.


6 November 2009

  Analogue Monsters 3.12 has been released

Analogue Monsters 3We released the improved AM3 patchbank today.
It contains a vast number of of exciting new Combinator and NN-XT patches.

What's new:
- some minor fixes
- 65 new Combinator patches (264 in total)
- 40 new NN-XT patches (1284 in total)

You can read the complete change log here.

AM 3.12 is a free update. If you are a lucky Analogue Monsters owner, please login to download it. You will find the new patchbank in the "Product downloads: Refills" section.



16 October 2009

  New demo refill

LEMON New LEMON demo refill is out & available for free download.

We tried to give you a little taste of the full version of LEMON.

Contents: 9 Combinator patches, 9 NN-XT patches and 1 ReDrum kit, based on 77 MB samples (124 wav & 6 rex files).

format: zip      file size: 43.1 MB 

LEMON download page



2 October 2009

  new refill: keyboard loop player

new refill: keyboard loop player



12 September 2009

  Marco demonstrates LEMON

Producers conference13 September, Rotterdam: Marco Raaphorst will do a one hour workshop in which he will show step-by-step how to create a Keyboard Loop Player using DrREX and Thor devices in the Combinator.

If Keyboard Loop Player sounds familiair, that's right, this technique was used in Reasonbanks Refill Lemon as well. Marco will show how cool LEMON sounds, and how flexible this configuration works for live playing.

For more info check the official website



06 August 2009

  New refill: LEMON is out!

LEMON is a Reason 4 synth refill & multisample library based on the sounds of 3 legendary Waldorf synthesizers: Waldorf Attack, Waldorf Microwave XTk and Waldorf micro Q


These synths have the same special character that make them famous: we tried to keep the original Waldorf sound while programmed them carefully in NN-XT and Combinator, so LEMON has developed into a colourful new synth in your Reason rack...   more


08 July 2009

  New secret weapon

it is time to reveal our new secret weapon:



LEMON is our new REASON4 refill, featuring "Keyboard Loop Player", which is a new Combi instrument that enables you to play bass & melodic loops on your midi keyboard.


02 July 2009

  summer holiday

Limited business hours during the summer holiday

During the summer holiday, from 7 July to 6 September we will make the delivery of the postal packages only once in a week. It means that the fulfilment of orders that are processed during this period of time and require physical delivery (CD/DVD products) will be postponed, and will be shipped on Mondays.

This break will not affect the accessibility of our downloadable products, hence these orders will be processed within 24 hours as usual.



19 June 2009

  New ORANGE3 demo

New ORANGE3 demo has been released. We desperately try to demonstrate the power and flexibility of ORANGE3 in this 50 MB large refill.

Contents of the demo: 12 Combinator patches and 21 NN-XT patches, based on 67 MB wavs (5 multisample sets).   more


 FREEZER disk is downloadable


FREEZER is a 645 MB large refill collection CD ROM, contains all free & demo refills that we created between 2001 and 2009. That means 37 free refills (469 MB), and 10 demo refills (175 MB).

Now FREEZER disk is a downloadable package, available for free to our customers. It's a MUST HAVE collection to all refill collectors! ;-)

So, Dear reasonbanks customers! if you want to get it, please login to download. You will find FREEZER in the "updates & extras" section.



31 May 2009

  ORANGE3 is out!

At long last... finally it's been released and available for download.

What's new? A brand new, fantastic Combinator bank!

ORANGE3 is free for registered ORANGE2 users.

If you are a lucky ORANGE2 owner, please login to download. You will find the update in the "updates & extras" section.



10 March 2009



BIG BUNDLE 3 (2009) is a special downloadable release, all current refills of PinkNoise Studio are included in this 'economical' package.

The discount is 40%. This is a permanent discount, not a seasonal campaign. Some people still cannot afford everything, so a bundle sale would help your budget to afford ALL our products. more details         



3 March 2009

ORANGE 2.5 has been released


The new updated version of ORANGE is out!

What is new?
- completely rewritten and enlarged NN-XT bank (735 patches in total)
- enlarged sample library (1634 MB - instead of the original 1130 MB)
- all previous updates have been included (2.1, XXL pack)
- the source of the refill is also included, you can use it as a multisample library for other samplers like Kontakt, Virtual Sampler, EXS24, etc.

ORANGE 2.5 is a free update for registered ORANGE2 users.

 Login to download



12 November 2008

proVITAMIN MKII is out


proVITAMIN refill puts a premium quality GM synthesizer into your Reason rack. Read more...

What is new in MKII version?
- countless minor bugfixes
- new non-GM NN-XT patches

The new MKII edition is a free update for registered proVITAMIN users.

Just in case you haven't got it yet, now you can buy proVITAMIN MKII for a very special November price!:)




27 October 2008

New refill is available: MATRIX

MATRIX - analogue synth library based on OBERHEIM Matrix

MATRIX refill puts an Oberheim Matrix-1000 synthesizer into your reason rack.

MATRIX is a full featured refill with a wide range of analogue sounds, and - as a part of Analogue Monsters - it can be an unexpensive alternative of AM3 for people who need the Oberheim synth only. Read more...




17 October 2008

AM3 as a creative synthesizer,  AM3 review

Analogue Monsters 3 as a creative synth:
the GALACTIC PADS is a multisample collection for Music Tech Magazine readers. Evolving textures, motion atmospheres, organic pads, etc.
What is little-known: it was created using AM3 exclusively!

AM3 review: by Keith Gemmell from Music Tech Magazine.
It seems Keith enjoyed our little Monsters, because we got 8/10 points. Click here to read the whole review!



10 October 2008

AM3 promotion extended, share-it will be removed

Since we received many requests from our customers, the Analogue Monsters promotion has been extended - until 30 November.
So, if you buy Analogue Monsters 3 now, you can choose a second refill - for free. It could be any refill that you can see in our product list, Virology, ORANGE2, Cybervox, PROTON3 etc. - it's up to you.

On 1 November we will remove share-it payment option from our e-shop.


12 September 2008

Analogue Monsters 3 news

The Analogue Monsters 3 demo refill was released yesterday.
It's worth checking out, since it contains 28 NNXT patches and 12 Combinator patches, based on 50 MB multisamples, and you can download it for free.

If you are already a happy AM3 owner: from now on you can download both the 24 and 16 bit version.
The 16 bit version sounds almost as good as the 24 bit edition, but needs less RAM, patches will be loaded faster, so it might be handy if you want to save some power for your computer.



23 July 2008

Cybervox & PROTON3 reviews by is the biggest magazine for music and computers worldwide in German language. Björn Morgenstern has reviewed our two refills, Cybervox and PROTON3.

The final conclusion is "Sehr Gut"

German readers, you can read he full review here!  You can also listen to some demo sounds, created by Björn.

Björn sent a brief summary in English:

"Similarly to Analogue Monsters these two refills are high quality refills. All sample contents are carefully looped and matched. There are no fillers and the combinator patches are really useful.
Pro.Ton3 is grown up to a big "Oscillator-Library". The new Analog-Chorus Oscillators are very fine and sound excellent warm and alive. The idea, i.e. sampling sounds dry and with the original Roland/Boss vintage chorus effect, and bringing it together in the combinator, is a great concept. There are many possibilities for creating your own sounds too.

Cybervox is somewhat more special, but just as well as Pro.Ton3. Focused on vocalsounds and vocodering based on Yamaha FS1R and Reason vocoder there are many possibilities for playing a lot of sounds or playing around with the special programmed vocoder-combis. Personally I am really excited about the synthetic vocal-pads and the magic-key (B1 key from keyboard) for freeze the vocoder signal.

So, overall we gave without hesitation a "Very good" for both Refills and you can't make anything wrong for that purchase price."


Click to read more reasonbanks reviews



30 June 2008

Analogue Monsters v3


Just in short: ANALOGUE MONSTERS 3  is out!




27 June 2008

Summer Holiday

We will be away on summer holiday between 1 and 24 July, so our office will be closed. It means that the fulfilment of orders that are processed during this period of time and require physical shipment (CD/DVD products) will be postponed to 25 July (Friday).

Needless to say that this break won't affect the accessibility of our downloadable products, hence these orders will be processed within 24 hours as usual.


PROTON3 review

MusicTech Magazine published a PROTON3 review in the current July issue (64).

We got 8/10 stars!:-) You can read the full review by clicking here.



 05 June 2008

Changes regarding Analogue Monsters

Analogue Monsters source edition will be discountinued, only the refill version will be available and supported in the future. The source edition will be removed from our shop on 30 June at the latest, or when it's going to be out of stock.

Analogue Monsters 16 bit version has been discontinued. The downloadable 16 bit version has been replaced by the 24 bit version. So from now on there is no difference between the DVD version and the downloadable version - except the disk itself of course, as medium;-)
We added some extra download limits for users who previously purchased the 16 bit version, so they can download the 24 bit versions from now on.

New version is on the way!  Analogue Monsters 3 will be available from 30 June.

A completely rewritten and enlarged patchbank, including new NN-XT and Combinator banks, 5 Gigabytes sample content (one GB fresh new multisamples).
In addition to the extant nine monsters we introduce a new one: the Oberheim Matrix from the 80's.
This is a very warm sounding beast, besides the very last real analogue synthesizer of Oberheim.

Version3 is free upgrade! If you are a lucky Analogue Monsters owner, you can download it on 30 June :-)

More info about Analogue Monsters



 17 May 2008

PROTON3 is out!

It is time to make a little room in your rack - PRO.TON3 has arrived!

Available now

 17 March 2008

today is a bit different...

OK, I have 2 interesting news for today.

The first one is not up to date, because I forgot to mention when it was published but: the March issue of MusicTech Magazine contains a nice free 1GB soundset from me, based on THOR.

NN-XT and Kontakt patches try to demonstrate the value of the new polysonic synth, it's free so worth to check out: MusicTech Magazine


Another thing. 17 March 2008: today is a bit different than other days... just checked the calendar and realized that is 5 years old today!

Gosh... it's weird. It seems to me that only 2 or 3 years passed, but... anyway, in the last 5 years we have released great many refills, both comercial and free ones.

How should we celebrate this anniversary? In no way. We just keep moving forward and try to maintain our work. A new product will be announced soon!;-)



 08 January 2008

Cybervox is shipping...

Cybervox DVD version is in stock from today.

Hold on guys, all preordered Cybervox DVDs are on the way, only a few days to receive your copy! ;-)



 15/12 2007

And now for something completely different:

After more than one year of development, PinkNoise Studio proudly presents CYBERVOX!

Cybervox is a voice refill and toolkit for creating wide range of artificial or humanoid voice type sounds in REASON.

It offers formant shaping, advanced vocoding and realtime sound manipulating techniques for live performance. Cybervox is a unique refill, completely different from any of our previous products.

Cybervox is available now!



 30/11 2007

Matrix modulations in Music Tech magazine

...and again: another multisample pack - exclusively to Music Tech Magazine readers, in the issue 57, and again: yes Jason, you are right, we didn't get any credit in the magazine.

Whatever. This pack is based on the Oberheim Matrix synth, 1 GB, contains both NNXT and Kontakt banks, and free - in case you are a Music Tech reader.

More info: : Music Tech Magazine



 03/11 2007

Nord Modular samplepack in MT...

And again: we released another multisample pack - exclusively to Music Tech Magazine readers, in the issue 56.

It's based on the Norg Modular G2... which is not mentioned in the magazine: we made it. Unfortunately MusicTech forgot to give us any credit in the magazine - as usual:-(

More info: : Music Tech Magazine




 26/09 2007

the long awaited REASON v4 is out! :-)


Raapie (aka Marco Raaphorst): My patchlist for Reason4



 24/09 2007

VIROLOGY samplepack in Music Tech Mag

We released another 1GB multisample pack - exclusively to Music Tech Magazine readers. Likewise one month ago, we created 12 snapshots using our VIROLOGY refill, these multisampled sets can be found in the issue 55.

If you already own VIROLOGY, you won't need it, but otherwise you should check out the great sounds of VIROLOGY!

More info: : Music Tech Magazine



 24/08 2007

ORANGE2 snapshots in Music Tech

We created 12 snapshots using our splendid ORANGE2 refill as sound source - the result can be found in the issue 54 of Music Tech Magazine.

If you haven't got ORANGE2 yet, and want to check out the possibilities of this refill: Music Tech Magazine




 17/08 2007

Full PRO.TON ReFill - for free

Full, enhanced version of the PRO.TON ReFill - free to registered Reason users!

In a joint collaboration with Propellerhead Software, PinkNoise Studio now offers the much acclaimed PRO.TON ReFill, in a new and exciting version. Previously a commercial ReFill, PRO.TON is now free to all registered Reason users.

To let PRO.TON users take advantage of Reason's Combinator device, PinkNoise Studio's Andras Haasz and Propellerhead product specialist James Bernard have joined forces to conjure an add-on ReFill to PRO.TON, crammed with rich-sounding useful Combinator patches, including a folder of song starters.


more info about PRO.TON

download it from propellerheads

ps.: the updated Combinator refill works both with the original PRO.TON, and with the PRO.TON version 2 as well!


 25/06 2007

DEEPFLIGHT multisample pack of 1GB

... in the current issue (52) of Music Tech Magazine.

DEEPFLIGHT multisample pack gives you a little taste of the sounds of our dearest DEEPFLIGHT refill.

We used DEEPFLIGHT as a synthesizer and recorded some very complex patches. So these 'snapshots' also try to demonstrate the capabilities of NN-XT advanced sampler.  More info in the Music Tech Magazine




 18/06 2007

Life is back to normal...

Analogue Monsters free series and some other big old refills are available again. It seems the Big Waldorf Salad invasion is over, life is back to normal;-)

Another thing. This weekend our ISP made a big, unforgivable and unacceptable mistake, that's why was not accessible for 30 hours!

We will take the necessary steps, so hopefully it will never happen again.


 07/06 2007

some minor news...

New Analogue Monsters review: is the biggest magazine for music and computers worldwide in German language. Björn Morgenstern has written a very detailed and deep review about our much-loved Analogue Monsters.  

more info on the review page.


The users' review page is also updated, 2 new reviews, thanks to RSchlep and clayforus.


Our lion-hearted user, RSchlep found a small bug in the proVitamin refill, there was a wrongly mapped 'string noise' layer in the 033-Acbass patch, now it's fixed, the downloadable full version is also updated.


And finally, a bad news. We had to make a temporary restriction, thanks to the HUGE interest in Waldorf Salad: currently some big free refills are not available on the free download page, including Analogue Monsters free series.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this step was necessary: currently has more than 50.000 registered users (!), which is great but on the other hand, just try to imagine when they (including you) start to download hundreds of megabytes... so, if you need Analogue Monsters free, you have to wait...



 02/06 2007

new free refill: Waldorf Salad

Waldorf Salad - cold, warm, sweet and sour at the same time! Enjoy our new free refill, based on Waldorf Q and Microwave synths.
Contents: 15 NN-19 patches, 24 NN-XT instruments, 12 Combinator machines, 170 MB multisamples. Download size: 91 MB. Don't forget: SERVE UP COLD!:-)

 login for download



 21/05 2007

Downloadable DVD covers

PinkNoise Studio has released seven commercial refills in the last 4 years - all of them available both as downloadable and as DVD packed products. People who chose downloadable versions had to miss these magnificent DVD covers, designed by Kilfish - until now! :-)

Hopefully this package will be a welcome addon, because on the one hand we always recommend users to burn their downloaded packages to a CD or DVD for safety reasons, but on the other hand, your disks with these printed covers will be a nice colourful decoration of your bookshelf as well! :-)

The high resolution image pack is available for registered users, to download please login first and you will find them in the "Downloads" -> "Updates & extras" section.



 02/05 2007

Multisample pack of over 1GB from Reasonbanks

From time to time Music Tech Magazine readers can meet our work. I just thought I mention that the current issue (No.50) contains multisamples of over 1GB from the reasonbanks' bunker.

"From tubular bells to marimbas and vibes, these sounds are suitable for anything from ethno to electronica. Supplied in .WAV, NN-XT and Kontakt formats..."   more info Music Tech Magazine



 27/03 2007



Good news: instead of 30 March, the shipping of DEEPFLIGHT CDs started today!




 19/03 2007

Are you ready for a dive?

The reasonbanks' crew proudly presents DEEPFLIGHT refill


Available now!




 08/03 2007

PROTON Combinator add-on

PROTON Combinator add-on refill adds 24 new Combinator patches to the original PROTON refill, it works both with PROTON v.1 and v.2!
This refill is free to registered users.

More info PROTON2 updates




14/02 2007

Site updates



for registered PROTON owners: you can download the full version of the successor PROTON v2 for free!


price of PROTON v2 (downloadable) has been reduced from 32 to EUR 27

price of QuickSilver (CD/DL) has been reduced from 40/30 to EUR 36/27

From now on the CD version of PROTON v2 is available as well.

All reasonbanks products (both CD/DVD and downloadable products) are available via Paypal as well.


After purchasing, you can download your registered products directly from reasonbanks, even if you purchased the CD/DVD version - no more wait for shipping!

new special offer page for registered customers - it's worth checking out from time to time!;-)

better user interface... OK, you're right, it was time to do it!;-)

  Login to Users Area




23/01 2007




DeepFlight is a Reason3 refill, based on the sounds of Roland D-50 synth from the late 80's. This synth was Roland's response to the extremely popular Yamaha DX-7, however it sounded totally differently and was much easier to use.

Although it's a digital synth, it still used real analogue filters(!), which disappeared in the following D series. That's why D-50 sounds so fat and beautiful. A real all-time favourite!;-)


DeepFlight will be available in March - stay tuned.

But hold on, in the meantime you can download the...

DeepFlight wallpaper   1024x768    1280x1024     1600x1200

footnote: Well, I'm so tired of reading marketing bullshits... so, Deepflight is our upcoming Reason3 refill, but it's not groundbreaking, not a revolutionary leap, not breath-taking and not world-shaking. It's just another quality refill from us for your synth arsenal that may help you to create music of professional soundings.



22/12 2006

PinkNoise is 10 years old now!


Just to cut a long story short: our tiny little firm was founded in 1996, and since that time a lot of things have happened... too much to mention now!;-)

On the occasion of this 10th anniversary we have planned to release a special refill... and after many sleepless nights finally it's out: proVitamin GM refill has been released! Check it!


We would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to all reasonbanks customers, since without their supports we would have never been able to maintain our work.
As a little return, we give them a 50% discount coupon now, and for those magnificent people who already purchased the previous SF2 version of proVitamin, proVitamin refill is a free gift!

That's all for now. We wish you a peaceful Xmas and happy new year!  


Andras Haasz, founder of PinkNoise Studio




26/10 2006


Site update 1.02: improved resource

We improved our site resource and storage capacity a bit, so the Analogue Monsters free series are available to everyone again.




13/10 2006


Site update 1.01: we can accept orders through PayPal!

Today we added a new payment option, in addition to share-it you can purchase our products via Paypal as well.
So, dear Paypal users, you may wish to do your shopping here! ;-)

Note: At this time only the CD/DVD versions are available via Paypal. If you seek the downloadable versions, you still need to use share-it. But the solution is soon to come...



20/09 2006


OK, I know: we were behind the schedule in terms of users' reviews. We received many reviews this summer, and they just waited to be published... until now!   read user reviews 


And... as you can see, the site has been refreshed a bit. It's still far from perfect, and I will try to do a little housekeeping exercise in the forthcoming weeks. We need to change many things , most of them won't be conspicuous... but necessary.


One of them: from 1st October, the Analogue Monster free will be available for registered customers only.
We're sorry about that, but only in the last one year more than 40.000 people downloaded this refill from our server, which means over 6 terabyte data! On the one hand we are very happy that our refills are so popular, but on the other hand our server simply can't manage the attack of takers in the long run.




11/07 2006


ANALOGUE MONSTERS Patchbank 2.1 is out!

What's new? 64 brand new, complex and carefully designed NN-XT patches and some minor bugfixes.


Patchbank 2.1 is available to registered users for free. Download and have fun! ;-)





27/06 2006


I just realized that PEFF published a great VIROLOGY review on his site:

'...Owners of the Reasonbanks Orange, Proton, and Analog Monsters libraries already know the quality that goes into these libraries, and Virology makes the perfect digital companion to these analog sample sets.
Minutes after sorting through patches, the sounds started to inspire me, I really like this library, and see myself using it in a variety of applications....'  

  VIROLOGY reviews





19/06 2006


You can get a free little taste of our latest synth module. Contents: 15 Combinator patches, 13 NN-XT and 7 NN-19 patches, based on 84 Wav files (7 multisamples, 55MB). Download page



Another news: from now on VIROLOGY refill is available as downloadable product!
This is the same as the original DVD version, but have reduced price (36 EUR instead of 45 EUR).
Moreover, you don't have to wait for shipping, you can promptly get it upon purchase. Go shopping

Please note that you need a broadband connection to download VIROLOGY, it's more than 1.2 GB!




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