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Analogue Monsters 3 demobank

As we have already explained several times, making a small demo version of such a big refill than Analogue Monsters is absolutely pointless... but nevertheless, enjoy this AM3 demobank!

  Download AM3 demobank (30.34 MB)

Contents: 28 NN-XT and 12 Combinator patches, based on 50MB multisamples.

Please note, AM3 demo requires REASON v4.


Analogue Monsters 3 FREE edition

Don't miss the free edition!

It is a “must have” collection for every Reason users. It provides a great basic set of vintage and modern analogue synthesizer sounds, covering arps, bass, leads, pads, mono- and poly keys, based on nine famous analogue synthesizers.

And the best: it's completely free! more info


Analogue Monsters 3 demosong

Take the analogue ticket by symbiont

A massive showcase demo track for Analogue Monsters. Produced in Reason+Record. You can read here what symbiont thinks about Analogue Monsters.

- 12 minutes with 8 different modern music styles in a DJ mix like demo
- All instruments and also the effects are from the Analogue Monsters v3 Refill only
- Added are percussion and drums only
- Everything composed, arranged and produced for PinkNoise Studio
- The showcase demo features the following styles:

00:00 - 02:25 / Trance (UK style)
02:25 - 03:23 / Dubstep-Breakbeat
03:23 - 04:21 / Ambient lounge
04:21 - 05:49 / IDM
05:49 - 07:45 / Science Fiction soundtrack
07:45 - 08:43 / French house
08:43 - 09:38 / Mexican Pinata Synth Festival
09:38 - 11:58 / Drum ’n’ Bass

    Take the analogue ticket (mp3)



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