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Well, as we have already explained many times, making a demo version of such a big refill than VIROLOGY is absolutely pointless: there is no chance of demonstrating all features of the refill within a small demo!

Nevertheless you may check out our VIROLOGY demo bank.

   Download VIROLOGY demobank (34.7 MB)


Contents: 15 Combinator patches, 13 NN-XT and 7 NN-19 patches, based on 84 Wav files (7 multisamples). Unpacked size: 55.1 MB

One tip: when you load the first Combi patch (VC Band controlled (C1-C2) Vocoder Pad1.cmb), don't forget to press some keys in C1-C2 keyrange.
You know, right hand for chords, left hand for cheesy rhythm!;-)




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