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LEMON is a Reason 4 synth refill & multisample library based on the sounds of 3 legendary Waldorf synthesizers:

Waldorf Attack

Waldorf Microwave XTk

Waldorf micro Q

These synths have the same special character that make them famous: we tried to keep the original Waldorf sound while programmed them carefully in NN-XT and Combinator, so LEMON has developed into a colourful new synth in your Reason rack.

In a way, LEMON can be regarded as the continuation of ORANGE refills, but on the other hand the concept (and therefore the sound content) is completely different: it features new techniques, like the Keyboard Loop Player, which enables you to play melodic rex loops on your midi keyboard, like an arpeggiator or bass automation in a real synthesizer.


Refill size: 765 MB (16 bit version) 1.39 GB (24 bit version)

Sample source: 2.12 GB (24 bit)



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MTM Excellence Award