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User's reviews


 20 November 2008.

  PROTON3 review by John Connor from USA

  John is a producer/dj

Like: Amazing refill. Great rotary control, more user friendly for the guys that don't know all the intricacies of tweaking and molding synths but still want to have great sound... they give you great sounds to use as foundations and are easily changeable to your favor, this refill in particular is probably the best put together and executed.

I have bought many refills out there, this one is definitely one of the best... I also have bought MATRIX, the pre-cursor to Analogue Monsters 3. That was also very impressive, apparently an older release but still good for me.

Dislike: Wish there was just more size to it, wish it could had more; but the quality is there so that's OK. Perhaps maybe a little more with the combinator leads and bass lines, try to make some more preforumulated sounds that actually match the sounds in house or electro, instead of all the trancy stuff that everyone already has been doing. Otherwise, great; go buy it!


Grade:    5 points - excellent, highly recommended!





Magazine reviews



  is the biggest magazine for music and computers worldwide in German language. Björn Morgenstern has reviewed our two refills, Cybervox and PROTON3.

The final conclusion is "Sehr Gut" :-)

German readers, you can read he full review here!  You can also listen to some demo sounds, created by Björn.

Björn sent a brief summary in English:

"Similarly to Analogue Monsters these two refills are high quality refills. All sample contents are carefully looped and matched. There are no fillers and the combinator patches are really useful.
Pro.Ton3 is grown up to a big "Oscillator-Library". The new Analog-Chorus Oscillators are very fine and sound excellent warm and alive. The idea, i.e. sampling sounds dry and with the original Roland/Boss vintage chorus effect, and bringing it together in the combinator, is a great concept. There are many possibilities for creating your own sounds too.

Cybervox is somewhat more special, but just as well as Pro.Ton3. Focused on vocalsounds and vocodering based on Yamaha FS1R and Reason vocoder there are many possibilities for playing a lot of sounds or playing around with the special programmed vocoder-combis. Personally I am really excited about the synthetic vocal-pads and the magic-key (B1 key from keyboard) for freeze the vocoder signal.

So, overall we gave without hesitation a "Very good" for both Refills and you can't make anything wrong for that purchase price."





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