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keyboard loop player


keyboard loop playerThe keyboard loop player is a truly unique and original concept from PinkNoise Studio.

KLP enables you to play melodic loops on your midi keyboard in a very easy and creative way: you can play bass, arp and other rhythmic sequences in Reason while you will feel exactly as if you were playing on the original synthesizers.

The keyboard loop player is a loop based arpeggiator and sequence player for Reason.

At first sight it looks like the Reason's internal arpeggiator, but works and sounds differently: it uses the original sound of hardware synthesizers, giving you a totally new way to create, modify, tweak bass, sequence and arp runs on the fly.


Contents of the refill

175 Combinator patches to get instant inspirations. Categories:
   - Bass
   - Arp & FX
   - Key split
   - Sequence

275 stereo 24bit rex loops from the following synths:
   - Access Virus C
   - Alesis Andromeda A6
   - DSI Evolver
   - Korg MonoPoly
   - Korg MS-20
   - Roland Juno-60
   - Roland Jupiter 4
   - Waldorf Microwave XTk
   - Waldorf microQ

The rex loop files are available separately as well, for further tweaking.


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