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VIROLOGY refill is a sound library based on the sounds of the famous Access Indigo2 (Virus C) synthesizer, and gives you a wide collection of vivid and powerful sounds.

The Virus is a cool synthesizer (see below*), but this is just the starting point. Using the extensive features of Reason, taking all advantages of NNXT sampler and the Combinator, we can get much higher with it: yes, this is the digital heaven!:-)

VIROLOGY - like a rompler sound module - can provide both the original Virus sounds and entirely new electronic sounds!




Combinator patches: over 100 wisely programmed Combinator patches. Yes, every rotary knob and and button are working!;-)

NNXT patches: 226 Simple patches (original Virus sounds), 180 Complex Patches (combined & tweaked).

NN-19 patches: 217 patches. Many people still love this simple sampler, because it has a better midi implementation than NN-XT has.

Dr.Rex loops: 80 stereo sequenced loops: bass lines, leads, arpeggios and special effects.



*about Virus: The Virus synthesizers are legendary in the world of electronic music. The first Access Virus was released in 1997 and it quickly became a very popular and favorite synth with its aggressive analog sounds.

The Virus uses physical-modeling to digitally re-create analog sounds. It has an incredibly punchy and clean analog sound that can give you anything from vivid pads, textures to overdriven 303-style lead lines and other great bass/lead sounds!

In 1999 Access released the Virus B, with many new features and it was followed by Virus C in 2002.

The Virus C is a real beast! Three oscillators (with basic analog waveform with PWM + 62 spectral waveforms), one sub oscillator, two independent multi-mode filters (including moog type!), two ADSTR envelopes, three LFOs, 16 arpeggiators, 32-band vocoder, five FM synthesis modes: you'll find yourself in a vintage synth heaven.

Viruses have been used by (among others) Astral Projection, BT, Überzone, the Crystal Method, Cosmosis, and Nine Inch Nails.





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