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details...Are you ready for a dive? Warm analogue strings, ambient textures, atmospheric pads, fat synth sounds - this is Deepflight.

DeepFlight is a Reason refill, based on 1.5 GB sound samples of Roland D-50 synth from the late 80's.

Yes... refill again! Many people think that REFILL is just another storage format for samples. We at Reasonbanks think different. We look at refills as a ROM card in your PCM synth. Yes, it can store samples, but the secret is in the patches...

Our refills represent a new approach to NN-XT and Combinator programming, adding a flexible "new instrument device" to your REASON environment.

About D-50: Roland D-50 was released in 1987. This synth was Roland's response to the extremely popular Yamaha DX-7, however it sounded totally differently and was much easier to use. Although it's a digital synth, it still used real analogue filters, which disappeared in the following D series. That's why D-50 sounds so fat and beautiful. A real all-time favourite!;-)

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