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   QUADRASYNTH STORY NNXT refill            (by Eric)






NN-XT synthesizer refill based on a massive 1.1 GB stereo multisample collection


QUADRASYNTH STORY is a sound collection based on the best sounds of Quadrasynth from Alesis.

QuadraSynth is a powerful and flexible synth capable of creating rich sounds - both acoustic and electronic. It uses digital additive/ subtractive sample playback synthesis to create high quality stereo grand pianos, organs, strings, drums/percussion, brass, woodwinds, new and classic synth textures, and more.

QUADRASYNTH STORY refill was originally released by Eric Corminier (Reason.Fan) for REASON 1.0. It provided support for the NN-19 sampler only.

This new 'second edition' contains the same massive 1.1 GB multi-samples as the first release, but in addition to the original 680 NN-19 Patches it gives you 300 new optimized patches for the NN-XT advanced sampler.

Eric's comment: "The Quadrasynth synthetizer of Alesis is, for me, a good example of the "american" sound: some sounds can be thin and clear, like the Roland JV but can also be powerful and aggresive, that's versatility!
I was very impressed by the Quadrasynth sounds and decide to make my own collection of samples to have the Alesis sounds in... Reason.


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