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   PROTON2 Refill details          (by Andras - PinkNoise)






You can find many refills on the market nowadays, all of them are actually a special refill verison of a sample library... it means that they are based on a huge amount of samples, these samples determine the sound of the NN-XT/NN-19 patches.

Well, PROTON works differently, as John Cleese would say in the Flying Circus: "... and now for something completely different..." the PROTON.

Now PROTON v2 has turned into a fatter, more versatile virtual analogue synth, thanks to the new MOOG oscillators!


What's new in version2...

23 new MOOG oscillators
new percussive samples
hundreds of new NN-XT patches - over 600 in total!

Read also: Comparision chart: PROTON vs PROTON2


* About the concept: PROTON doesn't contain big samples, it uses only short analogue waveforms (saw, square, etc.) like the subtractor or other analog synthesizers, but due to the NN-XT advanced features it is possible to build much more complex analog sounds:

the NN-XT handles unlimited numbers of multilayer, every layer has own envelopes, LFOs, filters, pan position.

these layers (in analog terminology: oscillators) can also be altered & controlled by velocity, mod-wheel and aftertouch.

moreover, we can detune the oscillators to get fatter sounds or time the attack to get more complex envelopes or stereo effects...

PROTON2 gives you a wide range of rich analog sounds and a unique combination of power and flexibility extensively using the specific features of NN-XT advanced sampler.

Don't believe us? Check out the demo!













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