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   ORANGE NNXTension add-on refill            (by PinkNoise)






It requires the original O.Range XTension!

...makes the original O.Range complete!

ORANGE NNXTension is an add-on refill for the original O.Range XTension.

The original O.Range XTension refill was released in May 2002, just before the release of Reason 2. At that time Reason had only one sampler: the NN-19 with limited facilities.

During the development process (in 2002) we still had no idea about the possibilities of the upcoming NN-XT advanced sampler, so we can say that the sample material of the O.Range was exactly designed for the NN-19 sampler.

It means that the sound design was focused on the capability of the NN-19, for example we didn't make velocity variations, alternate samples, so you won't meet velocity crossfaded patches, alternate triggered layers in this refill. These features only appear in our ORANGE2 refill, which is especially designed for exploiting all features of NN-XT (Proton-style:D).

Nevertheless we thought it was worth making this NN-XT version. On the one hand we received a lot of requests from our customers to do that, on the other hand the NN-XT advanced sampler offers a lot of new opportunities, that would be a sin to skip! :-)
We tried to do our best with this ORange NNXT add-on: you will find many new exciting patches, and we believe that this release is a really up-to-date stuff.

This add-on is what makes the original O.Range XTension complete. We do hope you will enjoy it!


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