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We produce high quality synths for pro musicians - since 2003.

Our main concept is clean and simple:
We are producing sampling libraries in refill format for the world's greatest music program that we have ever seen! Some of these libraries are freely downloadable, others cost some money.

There is nothing like the stability and stimulate shape of Reason! Consequently, it becomes more and more popular day by day all over the world. We as a team have chosen Reason's Refill format as the best format for working with samples, loops and synth sounds for the future.

Many people think that REFILL is just another storage format for samples. Our way of thinking is different. We look at refills as a ROM card in your PCM synth.

Yes, it can store samples, but the secret hides in the patches. Our refills represent a new approach to NN-XT and Combinator programming, adding a flexible "new instrument device" to your REASON environment. The specific feature of our refill banks is that each refill has its own character, and they make you feel as if your favourite program were extended with a new musical instrument.

We are all musicians, and although we are living in separate places of the world, we are unified by our common love: Reason.



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    Company info



PinkNoise Studio Inc.
educational, multimedia & soundware developing company

PinkNoise Studio is a small, inventive and refreshing company located in Budapest, Hungary. The studio was established in 1996 by Andras Haasz and Csilla Szebenyi.

We have now experience exceeding over 20 years in recording, sample editing and synthesizer programming. Our goal is to develop sound libraries in the highest possible quality (not quantity).

These libraries sound and act as real hardware instruments, with the power and flexibility of the software environment, and each of them makes you feel as if your favourite program were extended with a new musical instrument.

The three word in the top-left corner is not just a marketing bullshit: quality, value, spirit - these are our meaningful guidelines and represent our philosophy.

address: Vasar utca 2.
1084 Budapest
Hungary - EU

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    The Crew


Marco Raaphorst from Holland

Founder of Melodiefabriek

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Eric Corminier a.k.a from France


Andras Haasz from Hungary

Founder of PinkNoise Studio, freelance sound designer and paraglider pilot.

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Check his PG videos on YouTube






If you have any question, or you feel like contacting us, we will be happy to receive your message:

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