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details...Cybervox is a voice refill and toolkit for creating wide range of artificial or humanoid voice type sounds in REASON.

It offers formant shaping, advanced vocoding and realtime sound manipulating techniques for live performance.

We have tried to approach the subject from various aspects, so this refill is an interesting mixture: you might use it as a conventional sound library, or explore the experimental parts, which might be very useful for creating and playing totally new sounds in totally new ways.

And last but not least: it gives you a lot of fun!:-)


But, before you fire your singer: keep in mind, Cybervox is only a voice refill and toolkit, it won't replace a real singer!;) It's a great tool to create a wide range of special robotic and human like sounds, but not a know-all stuff.

Cybervox is a unique refill, completely different from any of our previous products.

Let’s draw up an analogy taken from the art of gastronomy! If – for example - Analogue Monsters is the vegetable fundamentals and Virology is the meat ingredient to the wonderful plate, then Cybervox is a fine picant herb: a bit spicy in itself, but if added in proper quantities, it will magnificently make your masterpiece tasty and delicious.


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