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   free edition  

AM3 FREE edition is a "must have" collection for every Reason users. It provides a great basic set of vintage and modern analogue synthesizer sounds, covering arps, bass, leads, pads, mono- and poly keys, based on 9 famous analogue synthesizers.

AM3 FREE contains all the samples of the formerly released Analogue Monsters free series 1-9, plus some new multisamples as bonus.

The NN-XT patch bank has been improved, enlarged and entirely reorganized, now it follows the same naming and category rules of the full commercial version.

AM3 FREE is available for free: download it now!


At the same time the old and therefore outdated Analogue Monsters free series 1-9 have been discontinued, and they are no longer available on our download page.



NN-XT bank: 141 NN-XT patches in 6 categories, 72 basic patches (in “all layers” folder)

NN-19 bank: 120 patches for the NN-19 sampler

Dr.Rex loops: 16 stereo rex files

multisamples: 957 properly looped wav files (357 MB in total)

Instrument list:

Alesis Andromeda A6

Korg Mono/Poly

Korg MS-20

Korg Poly800 MKII

Moog Prodigy

Roland Juno-60

Roland Jupiter 4

Studio Electronics SE-1X

Waldorf Microwave XT


Questions and Answers


Is it worth downloading AM3 FREE if I already have the full version?

Yes. The contents of the free and the full version are slightly different. We left a little surprise in the free edition for you, hence not all samples are included in the full version.

Can I remove the old Analogue Monsters free 1-9 refills now?

Yes, but only after you have downloaded the AM3 FREE!;-)
If you still have Reason songs which use the old refills, Reason will give an error message saying that it can not locate the refills, “waiting for the disk”, but you do not panic!

Press cancel, and choose the “locate sounds” and then the “search folder...” options. Locate the “Analogue Monsters Free.rfl” in the Reason browser and press “open”. Reason will find the samples and load the song properly. If you now save your song, it won't complain again next time.

Can I use AM3 FREE in my commercial productions?

Yes. AM3 FREE is not a demo, it's a free version. You can use it in your commercial music productions. Please read the licence agreement for further details (included in the download package).