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sample source: 2 GB multisample in 24 bit stereo wav format. All samples are perfectly looped and contain the unity note info for quick and proper automapping. The sample source is also included as a multisample library.

Dr.Rex loops: 130 stereo melodic bass & instrument sequence loops, for using them in Keyboard Loop Player.

NN-19 bank - 105 basic NN-19 patches

ReDrum Bank: 20 drumkits from Waldorf Attack

NN-XT bank: 134 patches in 6 categories.
We combined the two methods that we generally use in our products: the maximal utilization of NN-XT's power and the rich sound of the original Waldorf synthesizers. The result is a pretty nice collection in the following categories:

Arp & Sequence
Bass & Lead
Drum & FX
Keys & PolySynths
Pad & Atmosphere
String& Choir

LEMON Combinators

Combinator bank: 160 combi patches in 8 categories, plus some templates.
This bank will definitely give you a lot of inspirations and ideas. You can find the following categories:

Arp & Sequences
Distorted World
Drum kits
Keyboard Loop Player - Arp & FX 
Keyboard Loop Player - Bass
Keyboard Loop Player - Key Split
Morphing Keys & Pads


Keyboard Loop Player

About the Keyboard Loop Player: LEMON is the very first refill that exploits the full feature of our new concept. Keyboard Loop Player is a Combinator instrument that enables you to play melodic loops on your midi keyboard in a very easy and creative way. A brief tutorial about this concept is available on the next page.



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MTM Excellence Award