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User reviews


On this page you can read reviews from our users. They told us what they liked and what they disliked in our stuff, and finally gave a grade between 1 (worst) and 5 (best).

If you are our customer, and purchased our refills and also feel like writing a review, please do it, write a review!

It will be published here. Both positive and negative criticism can help us to improve our products and help people to find what they're looking for.



  proVITAMIN mkII  review by bob1474 (active player/home studio) - USA


Like: I've had a chance now to audition the sounds in proVitamin mk11 and am impressed with the quality of these instruments. Intended as a GM instrument it far exceeded my expectations for clarity and most of all usability.

I find myself choosing these sounds over many "other" reason refills on my system. Excellent value.


Dislike: so far,nothing!


Grade:    5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  keyboard loop player review by Mira - Germany


Like:This is a very good tool to get inspiring loops and sequences.

Dislike: Nothing - it´s perfect!

Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!


  DEEPFLIGHT review by Mira - Germany


Like: I like this analog feeling, warm and sweeping Pads. It gives me Inspirations for new productions.

Dislike: Nothing - it´s quite perfectly. Im only missing more sounds in this refill.

Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!


  LEMON  review by TinyVince  - Germany

TinyVince creates some tracks and remixes for different bands after his membership of "Pleasant Fiction".

Like: I like the Lemon-collection and the stuff from "PinkNoise" in general.

Dislike: I miss the unique dvd-label of "Lemon" like this from the analog monsters collection.

Grade:      5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  VIROLOGY  review by suntsu  - Belgium


Like: As the habit, all the patches and samples are great !
It's a must have ;-)

Dislike: Give me a few years and I promise that I'll find something wrong with this ;-)


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  Analogue Monsters 3 review by suntsu  - Belgium


Like: I like the quality of this big refill ! The sound is perfect as the NNXT patches...
This is really a must have !

Dislike: So far ? Nothing...


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  Analogue Monsters 3 review by Les T (Music Teacher/Guitarist) - UK


Like: Value for money. Really carefully sampled sounds.

Dislike: Nothing!


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  DEEPFLIGHT review by Les T (Music Teacher/Guitarist) - UK


Like: I had a D50 back in the '80s. This is a very good representation of it. Superb sounds which have been very carefully sampled.

Dislike: Nothing!


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  proVITAMIN mkII review by Les T (Music Teacher/Guitarist) - UK


Like: Fantastic sounds, very well sampled and extremely useable.

Very efficient download service and real value for money.


Dislike: Nothing!


Grade:    5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  PROTON3 review by John Connor from USA

  John is a producer/dj

Like: Amazing refill. Great rotary control, more user friendly for the guys that don't know all the intricacies of tweaking and molding synths but still want to have great sound... they give you great sounds to use as foundations and are easily changeable to your favor, this refill in particular is probably the best put together and executed.

I have bought many refills out there, this one is definitely one of the best... I also have bought MATRIX, the pre-cursor to Analogue Monsters 3. That was also very impressive, apparently an older release but still good for me.

Dislike: Wish there was just more size to it, wish it could had more; but the quality is there so that's OK. Perhaps maybe a little more with the combinator leads and bass lines, try to make some more preforumulated sounds that actually match the sounds in house or electro, instead of all the trancy stuff that everyone already has been doing. Otherwise, great; go buy it!


Grade:    5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by John Connor from USA

  John is a producer/dj


Like: good pads, large selection, well organized

Dislike: I bought this along w/ MATRIX... quite disappointed, much more impressed with MATRIX. all the sounds are quite similar and are lacking user friendly knob control... wished i would have gotten more variety out of it. on the other hand, MATRIX is great! i recommend that, buy that!


Grade:     3 points - average



  Analogue Monsters 3 review by HB  - Germany

 about HB: "I've been making electronic music for 25 years"

Like: Dear Andras,

you have beaten everything with your AM3 and Virology refill.
First, in sheer size. Now, I ve got 5,2 GB reasonbanks-refills on my harddisk - even the sonic refill Gold bundle (original 20 CDs) is 3,8, the whole props including all factory refills is 1,7 and something like the Garritan Orchestra Refill is tiny 0,7.

Second, in quality. I never heard any glitch, noise or distortion, and you caught exactly the sounds I like and are in my opinion useful to reproduce some standard sounds. In my ears it sound better than the original hardware, it's a fresh and clear, brilliant sound, maybe because of three.

Three, the hardware solution. I owned a lot of synth, at least an oberheim. Although I liked the sounds most I felt soon bothered by this machine (and these machines in general) and I put it away. It's DA-converters were noisy, so I went digitally out using other converters, the hardware was often defective, the keys were too few and bad, it weighted more than 12 kg - more than my whole equipment now. A machine perfect for bodybuilder and soldering hobby electronic experts.

Now, thanks to your refill, every problem regarding this unhandy stand-alone-hard-software-solution is solved. I have a perfect, seamless integration of vintage synths into my digital workspace. Thanks to reason and its endless possibilities und unmatched stability I can alter the sound in any way, in ways which would been never ever been possible before, and you made already some pretty good combinator patches. Thanks to my quadcore there are no limitation of processing power in sight for the next years.

And thanks to reaper I can process and master now the sound combined with vocals in crystal-clear-64-bit-quality using rewire in realtime. By the way the quadcore, line6-soundcard and your refill have been much cheaper than just the oberheim itself.

So, this is my conclusion and last remark: Your synths are better than the originals.


Dislike: It could be more;-)


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  ANALOG NIGHT review by Diskodiktator - Sweden

About Diskodiktator: Feel free to check out Dd's free ReFills.

Like: This ReFill has a very good collection of sounds that suits any synthesist; lush pads, exciting basses and a wide selection of other sounds to get any tune buzzing with electrisity. Highly recommended, and that comes from a guy that usually prefers to tweak the knobs of his Korg MS-collection!

Dislike: -


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by Paul Kelner - USA

About Paul: Home studio. Pro Tools 7.4 LE on an iMAC 24' with dual 2.33 processors. I also use Reason 4.0.1, Mach Five 2, Kore and many DSP plug-ins. I write and record contemorary Christian music and jazz.

Like: I downloaded this product yesterday. It worked with absolutely no problems. The sounds were awesome. I have downloaded many other similar products and they have sounds that sound almost exactly like the factory sounds....and very few have their own character and cut through the mix.

The Virology sounds were excellent. They are strong and have personality. They cut through the mix. I will be using these sounds as opposed to other banks that I have downloaded and never use....thanks...


Dislike: -


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  DEEPFLIGHT review by Penguin - USA


Like: Deepflight is awesome. Exactly as it was described, it is loaded with warm, complex sounds. Everything from soft pads and orchestral sounds to deep basses and great leads. It provides an excellent atmosphere to tracks, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for beautifully warm-toned or thick sounding synths to add to their arrangements.

Dislike: The only problem I might suggest is a lack of MORE! not because there was not plenty of sounds, but because what is there is so great, it leaves me wanting more sounds like this.


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  PROTON v2 review by ALEXANDROS - Greece

Hello, my name is ALEXANDROS and I am a greek electronic music composer. I have some singles lps cds and soundtracks for movies in the last 23 years started with the original monsters and now with software stuff. More info at


Like: the good work you have done, I could feel it from the first time I start recording some notes for recreating some very old pieces from my lp: DATA-alexandros (back from 1985). Now I will use it again for my new cd and I think I must buy also VIROLOGY AND ANALOG M VERSION 3 becauce before 5 years I sold my OBERHEIM MATRIX SIX RACK...THANK YOU


Dislike: I dont have something that I dislike just I would like more combinators patches.


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  CYBERVOX review by Refusion Project - China

   Refusion Project uses Reason banks products in CD production


Like: I just bought the Cybervox Refill yesterday. As always, Andras was prompt to send me my license number so I could download it.

If you're familiar with DeepFlight then you can guess what the layout of Cybervox is. It's a complex refill of not just sounds but deep, creative cominator units that just beg you to explore the capabilities.

The sound quality of the samples in this refill are immense. The combinator units are well-built and even more fun comes from the fact that it provides the units as templates to work with.

You'll get instant results with the patches but you should understand that neither DeepFlight nor Cybervox are for lazy people as the samples are a bit limited in number compared to the usual 'massive' refills out today. You've got to really get involved with the system they set you up with to get really creative sounds out of it. This is a good thing.

Dislike: Sound samples are bit limited in number but you can use your own sound library to enhance it.


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by Mattias (aka Another Soundscape) from Sweden

   Mattias is a composer, arranger and sound engineer. Active on


Like: VIROLOGY is an exceptional ReFill. Not only does it sample one of the greatest sounding synths of all time and does a good job at it, they also expand the possibilities of regular sampling. Inside your Reason rack you can morph these high-quality samples in to just about anything. The ReFill contains presets to show you this but you will probably get the most out of it if you program sounds yourself, otherwise you will find the ammount of patches a little sparse since there are many variations of the same sound.

VIROLOGY's crisp, crunchy yet phat, warm and analogue sound is a great asset to any electronic musicians sound arsenal as well as any composer using Reason.

Dislike: However, I would've liked if they included even more presets. Especially Combinators, since there's many who will rely on these and/or use these as bases to make new sounds. Maybe in a future add-on refill?


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  Analogue Monsters review by Jd   - Germany


Like:I bought all of "Reasonbanks"-refills because sounds are best I´d ever heard and working with : ))

Well, really: all "Reasonbanks"-refills brings to you: outstanding sets of sounds for very low price!!

reg. Jd

Dislike: -


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  proVITAMIN review by RSchlep (Strictly an amateur) - USA


Like: Outstanding set of sounds for the money. I have been able to retire a number of more expensive sounds. Worth it for the pianos, acoustic guitars, strings, and some pads alone. Reasonbanks seems to be interested in user feedback and promises bug fixes.


Dislike: A few bugs such as in the 033 Acc Bass. This has been reported and acknowledged. Some sounds are just "OK" in my opinion.


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by clayforus - USA


Like: the Best Customer Service Anywhere!


Dislike: N/A


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by Martin - UK


Like: Great sounds! What more do i need to say! Its all any of us want! The freezer is the best part though


Dislike: Too many variations of a few great sounds in virology! I would prefer six different sounds rather than six versions of one great sound.


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  Analogue Monsters review by Bjorn P.  (techno lover) - USA


Like:As a beginner producing techno, this refill took my tracks to a whole new level. I love the sounds of the synths on here, and I completely stopped using other sounds. The sound quality is great, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks!


Dislike: -


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  Quadrasynth Story review by KnowNaMe (Emo Trance Producer) - USA


Like: this refills is great. The sounds are awsome, and they are vary usable in terms of 'out of the box' as well as being able to use them as building blocks or as a starting point for your own sounds.

I love the synths, pads (ohhhh, them 'cinema' pads...MMMMMMMM....) and the 'world' sounds. The sounds have that good analoge sound but at the same time are smooth and organic. Highly recomend this refill.


Dislike: the Rhyrhmic folder could have been bigger, but the sounds is has are awsome.


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  ORANGE2 review by KnowNaMe (Emo Trance Producer) - USA


Like: The thing i like about Orange2 is its unlimited possibility. It comes from PinkNoise so the quality is without say great. But wow, this refill is a must have for any dance/trance/'techno' producer. What you get is not built sounds, but the blocks with which to build them. You do get some awsome nnxt patches, but the meat is in the 'elements', the blocks that you use to build your sounds with.

You're not 'stuck' so to speak with any one sound. One thing i will say is, this is not a refill for people who use a lot of presets and dont know how to consturct sounds.

The patches is comes with (patches made by PinkNoise using the 'elements') are friggin awsome, but its just a small part of the refill, you will have a lot of patches tha you will be like "what the heck is this"? if you dont know how to tweek and shape them.


Dislike: i swear im not just kissing butt!!! this refill rocks!!! nothing i disliked!


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by defconx ( - USA


Like: This is perhaps one of the most inspiring ReFills I own. I am a "recreational Reason" user and am always looking for new sounds to inspire me. I own Analogue Monsters Vol X and Analog Night so know the quality of Reason Banks ReFills. I am not able to justify buying the Access Virus that I want so decided to do the next best thing. I purchased this plug in and started browsing around the sounds to see what was available.

I was absolutely AMAZED at all of the sounds offered in this ReFill. I have been trying to create sounds that are more organic and flowing to add depth to my songs. Exploring this ReFill was like the experience of using the Combinator for the first time X 2.

There are great default patches that are easily tweakable to create all new incredible sounds. It has insipred me to spend more time in Reason. I have a few songs in the works that revolve around and were inspired by this ReFill. Check out "Vince" at

If a friend owned Reason, this is the first ReFill I would recommend they buy.


Dislike: That there are 9 more volumes available :)


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  Quadrasynth Story review by Daniel Polwarth- UK


Like: I am new to reasonbanks work, but having tried out their downloadable demos I was tempted to go and buy Quadrasynth Story. It was a trememdous purchase!

It has some great synth sounds that seem to capture the electronic 'feel' I was looking for in my music. Fantastic reproduction of the synth, and really opens up my imagination to new possiblities.


Dislike: The downside of anything like this is that you feel that you always want a little more for your money. It costs about £24 download, which may not seem a lot, but is really quite expensive when you realise you are not getting anything other than a single synth. This would not be a problem so much if there was a greater variety in the patches provided. I want more bang for my bucks, in other words!


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by Mike S. - USA


Like: Combinators are great. Strong basses, leads, drums, and a few nice pads.


Dislike: I felt that the pads were lacking after previous experience with a real virus b/c. When I played the pads it was the most amazing ambient experience ever, but that magic was not there in this refill. There are still good pads and options to create your own though.


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by Neil Pullen- UK


Like: Love the access virus raw waves as I'm interested in sound programming. The extra loops and combinators/sounds are a bonus to me (though a really good bonus as I use them as a tutorial of how to make sounds!)


Dislike: I would have liked the raw waves to be longer (e.g. maybe a few seconds in length) before looping. Also I would have liked the samples to be 24 bit.


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by Tony La Mesmer - UK


Like: Sonically, it's magnificent - quality sounds that are instantly recognisable as a Virus. I had to sell my Virus-A synth when I upgraded to an all-software studio set-up, so it's great to be able to reaquaint myself with those harsh basses, soaring leads and bubbbling arpeggios within Reason.

This Refill can throw out some extremely powerful sounds - some of the basses in the NNXT Complex patch set are truly amazing. It's all impressive stuff - alongside the NNXT Complex patches, the Dr.Rex loops and Combinator patches particularly shine.

In all, the Virology is a great refill and it's also fantastic value for money - I'm very pleased with it..


Dislike: Dislike? Not much really, although there could maybe have been some documentation (patch lists, etc)included with the disc itself.


Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by Audionetwork (Dance Producer Reason user in the UK)


Like: If you are serious about your synths in Reason. Virology is a must and a bargain. Many thank to Andras and the team at Pinknoise studio.

Dislike: -

Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  VIROLOGY review by DOKTOR 242 (self made musician and EBM lover and maker. Old skool EBM is my style) - USA


Like: Way to much to say about this killer sample library. All refill's should be made REASON BANK style when you get it you get it .
I love it !!!!
I wish there was more leads (but I know there will be an add-on soon !!!


Dislike: I wish I had more time to make music !

Grade:     5 points - excellent, highly recommended!



  QuickSilver review by Steve Urwin- UK  (lives in BC Canada- full time composer/musician.write mainly for media)


Like: great unusual sounds


Dislike: the price -but that will always challenge us buyers,we want the best for the least price


Grade:     4 points - Good work, recommended!





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