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LEMON demobanks

LEMON demo refill: a little taste of the full version. Contents: 9 Combinator patches, 9 NN-XT patches and 1 ReDrum kit, based on 77 MB samples (124 wav & 6 rex files).

  Download LEMON demo refill

format: zip      file size: 43.1 MB 

Patch demo in rps (Reason published song) format, requires Reason v4. Reason 4 demo version will work as well!

  Download demo rps

You can check out and sound 4 Combinator and 4 NN-XT patches. format: rps      file size: 38.8 MB  



LEMON demosong & live demo

Lemon drop by Russ Atkinson (aka dr.placebo)
The song was composed entirely in REASON 4, everything but the female voice is from Lemon.

    Lemon drop (mp3)

  Lemon drop rps (rps file, requires R4 & Lemon!)


Playing keyboard loop player in live:

     DSI Evolver Lifting (860 kB)

     Wavestation demo (1.3 MB)

     Vangelis Arp  (1.4 MB)



Keyboard Loop player tutorial

In this little tutorial we give you a brief explanation of our new secret weapon, which enables you to play melodic loops on your midi keyboard.

  Download KLP tutorial (312 kb, PDF file)

  Download KLP tutorial song (231 kb, rps file)

Keyboard Loop Player



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