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Combinator bank: 118 patches in 6 categories

NN-XT Bank: 410 patch in 9 categories

NN-XT raw layers: 273 patches, variations of oscillators for creating new synth sounds

NN-19 Bank: 153 patches, for compability reason

multisamples: 1457 perfectly looped wav files


Version history of PRO.TON

Combinator bank, based on 10 instrument types (Amp Sim, Arp, Arp Dual, Split Arp + Key, Clean Comp, DistrTube, Formant, Gater, Instr, Multi Out)
11 new oscillators from OBERHEIM Matrix
4 types of Dimension-D chorus, 1 type of Boss CE-1 chorus (on Oberheim Matrix oscillators)
completely rewritten and enlarged NN-XT Bank


 added 23 new oscillators from Moog Prodigy
16 new noise samples for creating percussive sounds
new NN-XT patches


Initial release, PROTON originally contained 26 oscillators and 280 NN-XT patches.

4 years later, in 2007: In a contribution of James Bernard from Propellerheads we created a Combinator Bank add-on for PROTON, and Propellerheads published PROTON as a free gift to all registered REASON users.



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