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PRO.TON3 was designed to REASON4, but it is still compatible with all versions of REASON - with some restrictions. We believe that backward compatibility is a very important feature, so we have paid special attention to this issue.

You can use former versions of Reason, but obviously you won't be able to load Combinator patches into Reason2, or you won't be able to load some Combinators in Reason3.

We recommend that you use the latest version of Reason, but – it's up to you – you can use the previous versions with several restrictions – not all patches will be loaded.




We used some special tags in the file names, these "signs" may help you to find your way, and will give you guidelines in terms of how to use the particular patch in the most efficient manner.

Abbreviations in Combinator:

[= contains NN-XT with dual layers, these chorused versions mixed with the dry version, or switch among them.

Xfade morph between two NNXT instruments using Peff's "equal power crossfader"

Simple opposite of Xfade, only one instrument, no morph ;-)

Abbreviations in NN-XT:

[= the patch contains dual layers (mostly for the integrated chorus). We used the multiple output of NN-XT, out 1-2 for the chorus signal, out 3-4 for dry signal, and you can switch between them on the Combi's control panel.

-DRY : the dry version of an NN-XT patch / wav sample
-CH1: preset 1 of Dimension D
-CH2: preset 2 of Dimension D
-CH3: preset 3 of Dimension D
-CH4: preset 4 of Dimension D
-BCE: Boss CE-1 (only on basic waveforms: saw, square and triangle)




András Haász: main idea, recording, sound editor, sound design & artwork

Viktor Haász: assistant sound editor

Dr. Gábor Bárdosi: consulting editor



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