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Patch demo of the PRO.TON3 refill in rps (Reason published song) format, requires Reason v4.
You can check out and sound 4 Combinator and 4 NN-XT patches. Enjoy!:)

  Download demo

format: rps      file size: 16.7 MB  



 Songs by Eric Corminier :

   PROTON3 demo song1

   PROTON3 demo song2


  P2 Acid SAW [mono]
  P2 Bell Pad
  P2 Brass 2
  P2 Bright String
  P2 Moog FatBass1
  P2 Moog V-Bass3
  P2 MoogPad 1
  P2 RandoMoog4 T
  P2 SimpleBass2 M
  PT MorphBass1



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