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details... Deepflight is excellent! ... when DEEPFLIGHT came out, I bought it that day. No regrets. It sounds fantastic.

You guys are great. MORE refills. Get busy. Nothing fancy - just good sampling and sounds!

Thanks again,
Happy customer


So this weekend I downloaded the DEEPFLIGHT refill (don't know why the name is in all caps. but I'm running with it). I hate demos but I was impressed enough to venture out the money for this huge refill.
I've got to say it's really well put together. The sound list doesn't seem all that extensive until you start figuring how they were meant to be used.

They've put together a set of very complex template combis that are dedicated units for things like sweeps,runs, and arps that allow you tweak endless parameters related to the sample patches. This is one refill you'll definitely want to read the PDF file on to understand what they've done.

With DEEPFLIGHT combis added into my rack along with my other recently bought refills it's about to 'deep six' my CPU. I think I need to replace the hard drive anyway so maybe that would clear up the problem.

I think this refill would be a good addition to any library. One noteworthy patch in particular is the electric piano patch. I used one of the RPi combis to layer it in with a Steinway D Cocktail Lux patch. Superb sound.Think 80's Bob James or Herbie Hancock.
Anyway guys, it's definitely a "thumbs up".


(originally posted on propellerheads user forum)


I had a D50 back in the '80s. This is a very good representation of it. Superb sounds which have been very carefully sampled.


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