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details...sample source - 1 GB in stereo wav format, all samples are perfectly looped and contain the unity note info for quick and proper automapping. The sample source is also included as a multisample library.

NN-19 bank - 71 basic NN-19 patches


Basic NN-XT bank - 78 NN-XT patches in 3 categories:

Bass & Leads
Keys & PolySynths
Pads & Strings.


Complex NN-XT bank - we combined the two methods that we use in our products: the maximal utilization of NN-XT's power and the rich sound of the original D-50 synthesizer.
The result is 98 NN-XT patches in the following categories:

Arps & Sequences
Bass & Leads [poly]
Keys & PolySynths
Pads & Atmospheres
Strings & Organs


Combinator bank - we introduce 8 new Combinator devices:

DF Ambient Dream Machine [AmbDream]
DF Bandsweep Machine [Bandswp]
DF Bass Stomp [Bstomp]
DF Keysplits [KSP]
DF Lead Stomp [LdStomp]
DF MonoPoly S1 [MPSwp1]
DF MonoPoly S2 [MPSwp2]
DF Multilayer Pads [MPads]

These templates have specifically been developed for Deepflight refill. All other patches in the refill are based on these templates - you can find 46 combi patches in total.


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