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         Music Competition with Propellerheads' support!

RINE music contest for REASON users




Your misson: be creative, make music with Reason using the Subtractor & Malström only as a sound source! It's not so easy, but possible, you can program a wide range of very interesting sounds, from drums to acoustic-like instruments…
Dive Deep Now…Go To The Bottom!

Although we make commercial refill CDs too, we believe that there are lot of undiscovered potentials in these instruments, so we think it is worth organizing a competiton like this.

     Rules & Directions
     The Jury
     Application Form
     Help & Resources




Rules & Directions



It follows from the aforesaid that your submission mustn't contain any sample, all sounds must be generated by Subtractor & Malström only.


Every registered legal Reason user can join, and they have to compose songs only using Malström and Subtractors as a sound source in the music. You can use any effects and you can use Redrum for triggering Malström or Subtractor too.

There are no restrictions as to genre, you can do anything that suits the requirements above. The completed song will be published in rps format.

When entering a track, you agree that can incorporate your music in the "SUBMA RINE music contest" - an rps file that will be available for download from our website.

We accept no more than two pieces from each composer.

The last date of submission is May 12 of 2003.


To enter the contest:
submit your tracks in the Reason public format (.rps) to the sub-genre "SUBMARINE contest" in the Reason Song Archive of the Propellerheads' main site.  
After that, fill out our Entry form located here .


Just a Note: SUBMA•RINE comes from our silly abbreviation: SUBtractor & MAlström only contest, but ReDrum Is Not Eliminated! :)



The Prizes

the first three composer will get the same prizes (we don't want to say: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, just the three best):




1 QUICKSILVER NNXT refill CD - the powerful & versatile synthesizer add-on for your favourite sampler ;-)

1 ANALOG NIGHT refill CD - the great Yamaha AN1X virtual analog synth refill from Eric, the ReasonFan

1 STRINGS refill from Propellerheads

1 'Replace Hardware' T-Shirt, (fancy and very special, you won't see it on anyone!) - from Propellerheads

and (for proper carrying of all these things, :-)) the marvelous Reason Bag - yes, from Propellerheads again!


... and as a contribution of the German Electronic Attack info site, the 4th winner will receive an XXL Reason T-Shirt, and the 5th winner will get an XXL Recycle T-Shirt.
Thanks, Bernd!:)


Furthermore, the Hungarian Reason distributor, Absolute HitSpace has offered a special prize for the Best Hungarian composer:
a Fatar CMK-137 midi keyboard
a MAM MCB-4 pocket midi controller





The Jury


will be three of us: Raapie, Eric and Andras from PNS. We know it's not too democratic, but we have got bad experiences about voting by users. However, we promise to be as impartial as humanly possible!;-)

The announcement of the results will probably be on 22 May, and we will publish the list of all three members of the Jury (with the names of the first 10 winners).





Help & Resources



Here are some resources that may help your work:

Eric, the REASONFAN's home
You can find here some infos about programming and two great Malström refill for free download
Another Great info site, Peff offers some very useful free refills too.
You can find here -among others - the '1001 subs' project: this is a free downloadable refill that contains 1001 pcs of Subtractor patches

Great site for discussion

Ryk Thekreator's page
Hundreds of free Malström patches






 Rules & Directions


The Jury  

The winners

The songs (download)



  Get a new device!


PROTON Turn your NN-XT sampler into a multi-osc analog synth! (PNS)

NNXT refill - based on the sounds of QS300 (PNS)

the first GM NNXT refill of the world and the
insanely huge and affordable sample library (PNS)

the sounds of the AN1X virtual analog synthesizer in refill format (Eric)

QuadraSynth Story
a huge collection of the best sounds of the Alesis Quadrasynth on refill format (Eric)

O.Range XTension
the ultimate Waldorf Microwave XTension refill (PNS)



New deadline!


The deadline has been extended to 12 May!
Read more about it



The 2.5 problem!


To all applicant:
Some people have sent reason songs to the contest in 2.5 format.

Last week propellerheads has removed these songs from their songs archive. The reason for this was that the final program hasn't been released, and it is not allowed to publish songs with the beta version, it's been released for testing purposes only.

We would like to spare these people disappointment, so we accept those songs that has been received until last week, but in the future, please:

Don't send songs in 2.5 format to the contest until the final program has been released officially! It will preserve you and us from many inconveniences.