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   SONIC-O-TOOL2 Refill details                   (by Andras - PinkNoise)



 Brief description



the first GM compatible NNXT refill of the world* and the insanely huge and affordable sample library for Reason!


* in the context of our solar system.


The material on the CD can be divided into 3 parts by function:

1. GM compatible NNXTension
At first look this is a standard General Midi device for your Reason... you can use any standard GM midi file, and by using the templates that we have included you can properly map the instruments to the tracks in a few seconds, and it will sound perfect. There are thousands of Midi files available on the net, so they can be a good starting point if you want to make a remix or you want to use them as a basis in your new work as well.

2. the rest of the refill (NNXT, NN19 and Redrum Set)
It's also a great essential collection (see equipments used) containing over 200 multi-sampled, multilayered NNXT instruments, and (for memory saving purposes) you may also find the collection of 370 NN19 patches useful.
The NNXT sampler of Reason2 is a very sophisticated device, it has a lot of posibilities, so we were able to program very reach sounding patches, vivid and touched instruments and exciting effects.
The Redrum folder contains 20 kits for drumcomputers and some other custom drumkits.

3. Sample Library
You will also find on the CD, in addition to the refill, 2900 high quality sound samples in wav format which constitute the "core" of the refill.
They are thematically grouped in various folders.
We put the easy and quick access into the focus of the development procedure, and therefore, all sound samples contain the unity note and, in case of sustained sounds, the loop information.

Note: This sample library is the enlarged version of our previous release named SoNiC-O-TooL .









NNXT section:
- complete GM Bank (128 instruments + 8 DrumKits)
- over 200 other Patches (basses, pads, leads, percussions&drums, various instruments)

NN19 section
- 370 NN19 Patches

Redrum Section
- 26 redrum Kits

Song templates
- General Midi templates to help using GM midi files

The Sample Library
- You will also find on the CD, in addition to the refill, 2900 high quality wav files. They are thematically grouped in various folders.

Bass Guitars - 208 samples
Synth Bass - 117 samples
Drumkits - 519 samples
Drum Computers - 284 samples
Percussions - 112 samples
Bells & Vibes - 101 samples
Brass - 176 samples
Ethnic - 118 samples
Guitars - 318 samples
Orchestral&Strings - 185 samples
Organ - 122 samples
Piano - 216 samples
Analog FX - 21 samples
Analog String - 42 samples
Arpeggio - 51 samples
Atmospheric & Filmscore - 52 samples
Classic Analog Synths - 73 samples
Synth Brass - 28 samples
Various Solo - 64 samples
Vox - 94 samples






 Order and price



AMG is the exclusive distributor of SONIC-O-TOOL2 refill CD.

You can order online this CD from or purchase directly at the local distributors of AMG around the world.

Price: 30 GBP (~45 USD)

For more information about ordering, shipping, local stores etc. please visit the main site of AMG!





 Demo download



DEMO refill [5.2 MB]                                 
13 NNXT instruments (including 2 GM drumSet), 17 NN19 instruments and 3 Redrum kits.

Download from   Propellerhead's server

DEMO mp3 [1.2 MB]                                    
Composed by Gyula Sipos, using the SOT2 refill only.

download from server1, server2





 Equipments' list




equipmments used:
Korg 01W, Korg P800II, Roland JV1080, Waldorf Microwave, Yamaha CS1X, Yamaha DX7, AKAI XR10, Casio PT30, Casio VL1, Emu Drumulator, Emu SP-12, Kawai R50, Korg Rhytm55, Linn9000, Roland TR808, Roland R-8, and some live recorded stuff (too many to mention).









Refill requirements:

Reason2 for NNXT instruments, external midi keyboard with performance controller (mod wheel, aftertouch) is highly recommended.








Order & price



Equipments' list







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