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SUBMA•RINE contest - announcement of the results

Well, we have done it! The jury was in a difficult position because we have received a lot of very good songs... 70 songs were submitted to the contest and we are most thankful to the large group of Reason users who entered.

However the task was not easy, but finally we have made our choice, and now we are proud to present...



the winners:

sir2hot : easyscreamer (25 points)

countm : westbalkan (18 points)

taron : ohso (17 points)

They will get the same prizes:

1 QUICKSILVER NNXT refill CD - the powerful & versatile synthesizer add-on for your favourite sampler ;-)

1 ANALOG NIGHT refill CD - the great Yamaha AN1X virtual analog synth refill from Eric, the ReasonFan

1 STRINGS refill from Propellerheads

1 'Replace Hardware' T-Shirt, (fancy and very special, you won't see it on anyone!) - from Propellerheads

and (for proper carrying of all these things, :-)) the marvelous Reason Bag - yes, from Propellerheads again!


doriath : man in the moon (12 points)
will receive an XXL Reason T-Shirt

3rdproject : the enemy below (11 points)
will will get an XXL Recycle T-Shirt

as a contribution of the German Electronic Attack info site.



SPECIAL PRIZE of abslute Hitspace...

the Hungarian Reason distributor, Absolute HitSpace has offered a special prize for the Best Hungarian composer:
a Fatar CMK-137 midi keyboard
a MAM MCB-4 pocket midi controller.

Our unanimously judgement: It's...

countm: westbalkan




Congratulations to all of you!






The competition

The songs (download)


top10 list of Raapie

top10 list of Eric

top10 list of Andras