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ORANGE4 playable demo


This demo song lets you to get a taste of 5 Combinator presets and 4 NN-XT patches.

It needs the full version of Reason 6.5 (or higher version).


  Download ORANGE4 demo

format: .reason song      file size: 70 MB 



ORANGE4 demo songs

All songs were composed in Reason, using ORANGE4 only.

orange luv - song by Patrick Maerker from masslevel.

Patrick (aka symbiont) is a veteran Reason user, you can meet his work on the Reason 3 CD (Malström factory patches, demosong).

   orange luv (demosong) (mp3)


Friendship Street Five - song by alphagemenon (one of our betatester)

   Friendship Street Five (mp3)


ORANGE4 patch demo


You can check out the sound of ORANGE4.

   ORANGE4 arp demo

   ORANGE4 Morphing Bass

   ORANGE4 Bass variations

   ORANGE4 Echo Bell Pads

   ORANGE4 Magic Keys

   ORANGE4 Metal Billow

   ORANGE4 Pads

   ORANGE4 Smooth Landing





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