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   QUADRASYNTH STORY NNXT refill            (by Eric)






10/10 points review from ReasonFreaks

"Like: Super clear and perfectly looped collection of NN-19 patches. A must have for every Reason user out there.

Dislike: Nahhhh!!

-In fact, i noticed that Reason was missing some big pads sounds. I had some on my QS8 but i wanted to have them directly in Reason so i started the sampling of these sounds.- Eric/Reason Fan.

And what a great job he has done. Man are these samples clear. Each and every one of them is clearly sampled and the patches made out of these samples are programmed just perfect. Copy the refill to your Reason folder and you will have the best sounds from the Alesis Quadrasynth.

There are really a lot of samples in the refill. 546 Mb of compressed samples. That's more then 1 Gb before a refill was made out of 'm. Looping points are done very good. You won't hear any :) ..."

by Dave N

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Some testimonals & feedbacks from our customers:

"Got my cd and it's a pleasure to have all these great new sounds in Reason.
Thanks for taking the time to put together a great collection. The patches are inspiring in a way and seem to fill a hole in the Reason refil.
I'm just wondering what you'll be cooking up next. "

Joe Pedi

"The loop-points are all very even and unnoticeable. The samples are totally clean with great detail. The sounds are great.
I've never worked with an Alesis Quadrasynth myself (or I can't remember!) but based on this Refill I dig it!.
Most of the sounds are very unique. Some are a bit PPG-like, some are warm, fat and analoge sounding. Those sounds are not imitations of true instruments, although some very nice sounding imitations are included (some very cool sounding piano's for example).
Most of the electronic sounds are very warm and fat and very usefull on all kinds of music. That's what I like: diversity!

Marco "Raapie"

"I have finally had the time to sit down and really try out the Quadrasynth ReFill. Man, what a ReFill! The sounds and the quality is just superb!"

Tage, webmaster of the Propellerhead website

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