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1) sample source

Formant synth library - based on the sounds of  Yamaha FS1R synthesizer. The FS1R is a very unique synth, it uses formant shaping synthesis.

The result: beautiful artificial vocal textures, rich pads and silly voice leads, and all of them have a special sound character, which can't be imitated with other instruments - you have to hear it!


Human voice library - optimized for the Reason's vocoder. More than 700 English words and human sound elements, see the "Human Voice List.pdf" for the complete list. You can use them as a modulator source for vocoder.


Other samples – collection of other samples that couldn't be placed in the aforesaid categories. Modulator samples for Vocoder: synthetic vowels, various continuously sweeping LP, BP and HP noises, static colored noises, white noise.

2) NN-XT bank

It provides elements for the combinators, but some of them can be used in themselves, especially the FS1R patches. You can find the following categories:

FS1R Patches 1 – Original

FS1R Patches 2 – Mutant

FS1R Patches 3 – Combination

Modulator Patches 1 (C1-A#1)

Modulator Patches 2 (full range)

Vocoder Carrier patches

XTernal patches

4) Combinator bank

These are definitely the heart of Cybervox!:-) In a long experimental test and research period we have developed several combinator setups: vocoder players, realtime sound manipulating tools and sound morphing machines.

No doubt, they will give you totally new playing techniques changing your views, and hopefully you will gain a lot of inspirations, both for creating and for playing music.

Currently the Combinator bank contains 101 Combi patches, for more details please read the Cybervox users guide, it can be downloaded from the next page.


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