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What's new in version 3?

• completely rewritten and enlarged NN-XT and Combinator patchbanks

• 5 Gigabytes sample content (one GB fresh new multisamples)

• in addition to the extant 9 monsters we introduce a new one: the Oberheim Matrix from the 80's. This is a very warm sounding beast, besides the very last real analogue synthesizer of Oberheim.

Version3 is free upgrade! If you are a lucky Analogue Monsters owner, you can download itfor free! :-) Just login to our users' area and get it!




András Haász: main idea, recording, sound editor, sound design, backdrops

Viktor Haász: assistant sound editor

Kilfish: artwork

Dr. Gábor Bárdosi: consulting editor





Why are more layers than patches?

We recorded a synth patch with different filter settings: each setting gives a layer (every layer contains 8-15 samples): we can combine these layers, or split them by velocity, or alternate them randomly.

Can it be used with old versions of Reason?

Yes. Our refills are backward-compatible, it means you can use all the NNXT and NN19 patches. Only the combinator patches won't work with Reason 2.X

Are the samples for the Waldorf in Orange the same as the samples in Analogue monsters?

No, the two products have totally different contents. You won't meet the same samples and patches.


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