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   PROTON Refill           (by Andras - PinkNoise)



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"Bought it the first day it came is INCREDIBLE!!! The pad sounds alone are worth it. You are cheating yourself on the price, is worth ten times as much AND I would've paid it gladly. Anyway, keep up the good work..."   - Wayne M. (USA)





09.20.2003 :   Proton ReFill Review - my 2 cents (long) by EnochLight

EnochLight is one of many satisfied PROTON users. He took his time to post an exhaustive review on the prop's messageboard... read his review

09.16.2003 :    a short article by Peter Kirn on MacMusic:

Modular Synthesis in New Reason NN-XT Refill... read more


09.13.2003 :    Review by Dave at ReasonFreaks:

PROTON has awarded 9 points of 10 at "The refill has been made with absolute care and precision to make sure you have the right kind of sound for the job. The combination of analog waveform and NN-XT filters and processing is a great one. The result is a great collection of very usable patches which are timeless. It also doesn't matter what type of music you make, these patches will always fit in. A great refill which you can't afford not to have. And you don't have to stick with the delivered patches. You basically have a new analog synth at your disposal! ... Essential stuff!!"     read he full review     

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