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keyboard loop player

   some notes & tips   



The use of Combinator bank requires REASON4. You will need Recycle 2 for further editing the external rx2 loop files.



Andras Haasz: main concept, recording & editing, sound design

Dr. Gabor Bardosi: consulting editor

All samples were recorded and processed, all patches were created by PinkNoise Studio in 2009.

keyboard loop player


 Tips & tricks for keyboard loop player


1) Most important: RUN must be on!

The "Run pattern device" knob in the Combinator must always be on (red lights on), otherwise you won't hear any sounds: it is the matrix pattern sequencer (which continously re-triggers the loops) that so requires.


2) Tweak the loop in the Dr.Rex!

You can adjust the volume, pan and pitch of each slice of the loop in Dr.Rex player. This feature is a lovely option to create totally new sequences using the existing rex files.
If you want to change the rhythm of the loop, you can mute certain slices by setting the slice volume to 0. You can create chord arpeggio by changing the pitch of certain slices.


3) Offset the loop!

In some cases you may want to shift the start of the loop in question. You can do it in the matrix sequencer: by default the starting point has been set to the beginning of the bar, but you can modify this by moving the D2 note (which triggers the loop) to the second, third, etc. grid.

4) Edit the loops!

All loops in the refill are enclosed as well for further tweaking. If you are not satisfied with the speed, starting point, etc, you can edit them by using Recycle. For example, if you want to slow down the loop half, set double the tempo of the loop in Recycle. In case you want to speed up the loop double, set the tempo half in Recycle. When you save the rex file and load it to Dr.Rex, the new tempo will be applied.


5) Play staccato!

When you play a bass or arp run, don't hold the key pressed all the time – it's so boring! Try to play staccato, with a little practice you will be able to invent very interesting new melodies.


6) Be creative! :-)

Bear in mind that the keyboard loop player is just a tool that is designed to give you inspirations. But it is always the creative composer that gives birth to music; you will have to bravely apply this magnificent tool to fully exploit all its features!


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