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   ANALOG NIGHT  NNXT refill            (by Eric)






9 points review from ReasonFreaks

Like: I really like the quality of the sounds very much. They are recorded very clearly. And ofcourse the usability. Wich is very high. For a low price a very complete sound collection. Great!!
Dislike: Naahhh No complains from me!

Content: Analog Night makes me think of a hot and sunny summer night with nothing else on your mind but music. And that's precisely what this cd does. The sounds it contains are in a very wide variety. Ranging from absolute beautiful sounds with great dynamics to sounds wich seem to come straight out of the creative mind of Eric :)

When i heard the first big refill from him (Quadrasynth) i knew it for sure. This guy can make very good samples. Wich are also very inspiring. I just hooked up my keyboard and went thru the refill. But some sounds really kept me playing with them for minutes. The bass section really sounds great. I always love to make bass patches. And these are really good food for my brain :) When you've heard the Quadrasynth refill you will know what i'm talking about. Very high quality patches with a very clean and powerful sound. "

by Dave N

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Some testimonals & feedbacks from our customers:

"OK you so you got tired of those sounds given out in the Reason Factory Refill...
you want to add raw beatz to your sampler... well here it is, the Analog Night Refill. You want sounds? This monster has thousands of samples. And this is only the samples, you also get some songs as well. Let me tell you, if you got tired of looking for new patters to work on that keyboard?
Not to worry... this refill has 100 trackz to get you moving...
This refill in combination with the Quadrasynth Story Refill make endless combinations. " - Super Mario

"Sound quality is as good as can be expected from ReasonFan. The looppoints are all very even and unnoticeable. The samples are totally clean with great detail.
Usefulness of the sounds The AN1X is the best synth from Yamaha since the DX7 in my opinion. It can sound warm and fat but can sound digital at the same time. This Refill covers these aspects a lot. With this Refill you'll be able to use the AN1X's sounds in Reason.
I also would like to add that ReasonFan always offers a lot of variants of a certain file. These are edited NN19 patches using the same samples. This proves that these samples are easy to customize using the NN19 parameters. You will forget that the NN19 is 'just' a sampler. An AN1X in Reason...yeah right on!
This one is again a serious must have for synth freaks. It really is an AN1X for Reason. Highly recommended! " - Marco "Raapie"

"Hey, got the CDs, and the sounds are awesome! Almost too much stuff to sort through. I haven't even gone through everything yet. I figured out where the songs/arpeggios were! That's even better!
Great deal and wow that's alot of extra stuff in addition to the sounds! Thanks again! Keep doing great stuff! " -  Dan Rose

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