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Meet Maia, a synthesizer full of soul. It can be an emotional instrument or a furious beast, depending on your mood.

Elegant sounds from organic and timeless sources, Maia’s Dual Synth Engine generates iconic synthesizer textures and ethereal melodics through a versatile dual synth, a dual step sequencer and a multi-effect unit.

Maia is a dual synthesizer based on the wide range of sounds from various acoustic instruments and synthesizers. But samples are just the building blocks, the magic lies in the structure and the special features that make this instrument unique.


Dual synth architecture with a wide range of sounds

Dual Step Sequencer with advanced options

Oscillator tables for polytimbral wave sequencing, with random generator    and editing tools

Waveshaper filter

Modulation Matrix

FX Modulation Matrix

Discrete glissando - a new and unique method of musical performance


Audio in: to use Maia as a dual FX processor

Dual CV/Gate out to control other devices using Discrete Glissando
   and/or the Step Sequencer

Factory Bank: over 300 patches in 11 categories


What's new in V2?

Version 2.0
• Completely redesigned Step Sequencer with advanced options:
      • Independent rates
      • Customisable random generator
      • Editing tools

• FX modulation matrix with LFOs
• Redesigned Modulation Matrix
• Microtuning options

Version 2.1
• Unison

Version 2.2
• Discrete glissando
• CV3 and CV4 input added

Version 2.3
• 62 new oscillators (now 150 in total)
• Updated and enlarged Factory Bank
• Release Trigger option for Synth B
• Comment fields
• tiny bugfixes and lots of small improvements


Previous updates

Maia 1.7

• new ergonomic & colorized Step Sequencer LCD panel (from Maia OE)

• editor tools for the Step Sequencer

Maia 1.6

• the "oscillator select” pop-up buttons now support submenus for the easier navigation.

• You can copy parameters between Synth A and Synth B.

Maia 1.5

Oscillator table is an exciting new feature of Maia 1.5 - providing a unique way to create continuously changing sequences, melodies or bass lines. They can work perfectly either with the internal step sequencer or you can use them with any player device of Reason.

LED display on the step sequencer: shows the current position of the running steps.

• updated and enlarged factory patch bank

• minor bug fixes

Maia 1.0

• Initial release




Sound demo

All instruments from Maia. Drums from Propellerhead Reason Factory Sound Bank.

Official demo song produced and performed by Masslevel.



Maia user manual

 Maia2 user manual

 ReMote map template