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proVITAMIN demo for Reason

Patch demo of proVITAMIN refill in rps (Reason published song) format, requires Reason v3 or newer version.
You can check out and sound 7 Combinator patches and one Redrum kit. Enjoy!:)

  Download demo

format: rps      file size: 15.4 MB  



proVITAMIN SF2 demobank

Soundfont demobank, contents: 1 GM compatible acoustic Drum set, 11 melodic presets

  Download SF2 demo

format: zipped sf2      file size: 27.5 MB  



proVITAMIN demo song

Another rps file, it tries to demonstrate proVITAMIN in action. Originally it was a simple GM midi file, it has been imported into Reason.

  Fields of Gold

format: rps      file size: 8.6 MB  



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