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Sonic-O-Tool - if you remember this name, you might be a Reason-veteran. This product was our very first commercial refill and it was originally developed to Reason 1 in 2002.

The refill contains 314 NN19 presets and 15 redrum drum kits, based on 2000 wav samples.

Sonic-O-Tool is a real classic and a must have for every Reason user.

Reasonbanks' 10th birthday offered us an excellent opportunity to celebrate and to release our legendary land-mark product again – this time for free! Download it now and enjoy!


     BassGuitar (24 presets)
     Synth Bass (28 presets)
     Bells & Vibes (8 presets)
     Brass (25 presets)
     Etnic (22 presets)
     Guitars (39 presets)
     Melodic Percussion (7 presets)
     Orchestral (13 presets)
     Organ (11 presets)
     Pianos (6 presets)
     Strings (6presets)
     Analog FX (6 presets)
     Arpeggios (10 presets)
     Brass&ElPianos (13 presets)
     ClassicAnalog (15 presets)
     Leads&Vox (25 presets)
     Pads&Strings (32 presets)
     (24 db drumkits, including 12 General Midi compatible sets)
     10 presets without samples, for explain see below*.



AKAI XR10 kit1  
Emu SP12 Kit 1  
Emu SP12 Kit 2  
TR808 Kit   
Linn9000 Kit   
Korg Rhytm55 Kit    
Kawai R50 Kit   
Emu Drumulator
Casio PT30 Kit  
Casio VL1   
MicroWave Kit   
Acoustic Kit 1
Acoustic Kit 2   
Ac Percussion    
DX7 Percussion    
Ac Snare menu 1
Ac. Snare menu 2   
Ac Snare menu 3



*How to use the NN19 templates:

You can find here some smp file for NN19, they can be useful as a starting point, if you want to make a new instrument. These files are "empty", no samples are attached them, they contain only characteristic parameters for certain instrument type: Piano, string, Arp, sweeping pad etc.
When you load one of them, you can do this: click "browse for samples", go to the desired sample folders, press Ctrl-A (select all), OK, and click "automap samples", and it is done: a very fast and easy way to create new instruments from the sample groups of the refill.





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