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QuickSilver was originally released in 2003 (our 3rd refill), and it was one of our most successful product.

PinkNoise Studio was founded in the November of 1996. Now to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are releasing QuickSilver as a gift to the Reason community.

QUICKSILVER was our first refill that exploited the specific features of NN-XT sampler. We invented many tricks that were used for the very first time (for example the "release trigger" option which were implemented in props' Reason Electric Bass later), so we are sure it's worth to download, you will enjoy it!



QuickSilver is based on the sounds of the Yamaha QS300 synthesizer.

QS300 is a rich-sounding synthesizer, because it uses a multi-layer structure, every layer has its own envelope, filter, etc. We can create wonderful pads, endless morphing textures and some other warm and fat patches... but!

If you record these sounds, you will loose the possibility of alteration later: you can not change the parameters of each layer independently, only for the whole mixed samples. It's just like a snapshot... sounds good but less versatile.

Instead of this method, we have choosen a more complicated way. The QS300 uses small parts (in Yamaha terminology: elements) to build its sound: every layer is based on an element. We broke down the sounds of the QS300 to these elements, recorded all of them, and then we completely rebuilt the multilayered patches in NN-XT.

The result was very surprising for us and defenitely it proves the power of NN-XT advanced sampler! The NN-XT provides a lot of very sophisticated options, many of these features and nuances probably remain hidden from the users unless somebody programs NN-XT for 8 months on every blessed day...;-)



Refill content

NN-XT patches [275 patches]
NN-XT patches take the full advantages and special features of NN-XT advanced sampler. The patches are separated into 13 categories

NN-19 patches [163 patches]
You can find here the elements. We have also included these patches in the refill, we think they are useful for creating new NN-XT patches.

Redrum Patches [5 set]
2 drumkits, 2 percussion kit and an SFX kit.

Samples [1245 wave files]
All samples are perfectly looped and contain the unity note information for quick auto-mapping.


NN-XT Patch Bank


QS Ambience
Very complex instruments, smooth morphing sounds, textures for ambient music and filmscore.

QS Bass
Wide range of bass sounds from analog sounding patches to acoustic-like basses.
QS Ethnic&Guitar
You can find some ethnic instruments and some elecric & acoustic guitars here.
QS Experimental
Special effects you have always been waiting for!:) Disgusting noises, messages from space, some tempo synced stuff. Use them for your next filmscore or to shock your neighbours.
QS Lead
Lead synthesizer sounds that you can use as melody instruments in front of your mix.
QS Mixed Waves
These are raw sounds using multiple simple waveforms, sounding fat but without a special character.
QS OneKey
A very interesting group. You can find tempo-synced autobass, arpeggios, cool effects here, play them using one of your fingers!:)
QS Orchestral
Orchestral instruments like strings and woods, but you can also find the brasses here...
QS Organ
Some simple or more complex organ sounds
QS Pad
A lot of very complex and rich-sounding synthesizer sounds for use in the background of your mix.
QS Percussion
The percussion sounds are not the leading force of the QS300... however they might be useful.
QS Piano&Kbd
A bunch of very colourful synthetic & acoustic-like keyboard patches.
QS Sequencer
These instruments are for speeding up your arrangements with fast played melody lines.




Andras Haasz: main idea, recording & editing, sound design, artwork

Gergely Matravolgyi: additional editing, beta test

Dr. Gabor Bardosi: consulting editor

All samples were recorded and processed by PinkNoise Studio.




QuickSilver is available for free: dclick here to login and download it!

Zipped archive, download size:278 MB

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