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Essence rack

PinkNoise Studio has been developing Reason refills since 2001.

This library is the essence of 14 years of experience. ESSENCE is 100% compatible with both Reason Essential* and Reason.

Our aim was to create a general purpose library that is useful for anyone, whether they are beginners or professional musicians.

Essence contains 1.6 GB original new samples, plus a 800 MB selection of the best samples of our previous refills, providing a wide range of instruments and synthesizers.

* ESSENCE requires Reason Essential 2 or more recent version.

Essence cover

    Download ESSENCE manual


Refill content

30 ReDrum Kits

20 Octo Rex sets based on 150 Rex2 drum loops

825 NN-XT patches (for everyday use)

186 Combinator patches (for instant inspiration)

Includes 3 reason demo song files

Based on 2.4 GB samples (5200 wav files in 24 bit resolution)


Sound categories

NN-XT bank:
• [All Instrument Layers]
• Arp & Sequence
• Atmosphere & Pad
• Bass [poly]
• Bell & Mallet
• Drum & Percussion
• Lead [poly]
• Monosynth
• Organ
• Piano & Keyboard
• Polysynth & Keys
• String & Orchestra
• Voice
• Wind
Combinator Bank:
• Atmosphere, Voice & Pad
• Bass
• Drum Machine [Run]
• Drum, FX & Percussion
• Guitar & Plucked
• Lead
• Piano, Keys & PolySynth
• String, Wind & Orchestra

    See the complete patch list of ESSENCE




Andras Haasz: main idea, recording & editing, sound design, artwork

Viktor Haasz: sample editing

Kilfish: main graphic design, artwork

Patrick Maerker: sound design, redrum programming, additional artwork

Dr. Gabor Bardosi: consulting editor

All samples were recorded and processed by PinkNoise Studio.




EUR 29.00


You will receive your license code via e-mail within 24 hours.

license agreement

You will receive your license code via e-mail within 24 hours.

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Demo refill

12 Combinators,
27 NN-XT patches and 1 demosong.





Sound demo