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"the Ramans do everything in threes." - Arthur C. Clarke

It's time for a rendezvous with RAMA, PinkNoise Studio's new para/polyphonic synthesizer.

RAMA is a classic synth on steroids. The heart of RAMA is a vintage synthesizer from the 80s. This is the Korg Poly-800, which has some unusual features:

oscillators (DCO) build the waveform from variations of 4 simple pulse waves

Paraphony: polyphonic sounds with a single filter

six stage envelope generator

But these are only the starting points, RAMA has many other features that make this instrument a powerful synthesizer that can hold its own in any music style.

Additional features

3 oscillators with dual filters

3 oscillator types: P-800 osc mode, wave or sampler

33 waveforms from famous synthesizers (when P-800 mode is off)

3 rearrangeable fx units with 12 fx types

flexible routing

synth & fx modulation matrix

XY control pad using macros or performance controllers

mix pad for real-time mixing of 3 oscillators

versatile arpeggiator and step sequencer

5 play modes: poly, mono, chord, arp, seq

RAMA has different levels of complexity, depending on your needs. Using the grouped global controls it can be simple like an axe, eg. if you want to create a simple bass. But once you separate them, RAMA can be as complex as an airbus cockpit: it's up to you.


What's new

The latest version is 1.2.1

You can read the version history in pdf format.


Demo song





Download Manual