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   Combi Manifesto 1             (by Marco - Melodiefabriek)






Combi Manifesto 1
is the first in a series of Reason 3 Combinator packages. Combi Manifesto 1 is programmed only with Subtractor and Malström, effect and routing devices.

Using the word patch for these Combinators is not very flattering. These 22 Combinators are 22 new sound generators for Reason3. I created unique configurations which add new sonic possibilities to Reason. A lot of that 'one plus one = eleven' magic. Not 'just another' patch, but a lot more!


About the programming

In a time when people are hungry for new features, I felt that I should try creating something unique by combining those classic synths of Reason into some cool sounding Combinators.

All 22 Combinator-patches, as well as the Subtractor and Malström patches which are part of the sound, are programmed from scratch.

The CPU-usage is kept as low as possible so you will be able to use many of these Combinators in your songs.

Controller setup

The main controllers on the Combi, those 4 pots and 4 buttons, are setup for easy and direct control over the sound. Some of the Combinators contain a pattern-controls for changing the rhythmic-pattern of Matrix devices on the fly.

22 Backdrops

I created 22 great looking Backdrops/skins for the Combinator patches. These 22 Backdrops are included in the Combi Manifesto 1 package, so you can swap the Backdrops per patch if you want.

Audio demos

Please check out the full demosong for the Combi Manifesto 1. Also listen to the short examples per patch. No extra effects were added to the demosong and patch-examples, everything was done in Reason 3 using only the patches of Combi Manifesto 1!

Full Combi Manifesto 1 demo (mp3)


Acid BOX





















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The manual

Please download the CMF1 manual. It explains a lot of things about these Combinator-patches but it might upset you at the same time. Maybe when reading it, at one point you might say: 'okay, screw the manual, I will try it myself!'. But that is just GREAT! Trying to discover things on your own is always a nice thing to do. If these 22 Combinator patches are starting points for a creative future, we are very, very happy!

CMF1 manual

Order & price

You can order your copy of Combi Manifesto 1 online through our secure order page.

Price: $ 10 or € 8.25 or £ 5.50

These prices are the gross prices, including VAT, so no extra costs are being charged.

Once your payment has been received and verified, you will get a personal download account via e-mail immediately. The download is a small 5.9 MB zip-file.






 About the programming

 Controller setup

 22 Backdrops

 Audio demos

 The manual

 Order & Price



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