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Meet Maia, a synthesizer full of soul. It can be an emotional instrument or a furious beast, depending on your mood.

Elegant sounds from organic and timeless sources, Maia’s Dual Synth Engine generates iconic synthesizer textures and ethereal melodics through a versatile dual synth, a dual step sequencer and a multi-effect unit.

Powered by a massive two-part sample engine expertly crafted into over 200 useable patches, this unique RE balances functionality with flexibility in a host of features like part specific modulation, a wave-shaper filter, LFO routings and split source signal processing.

Furthermore designed to optimise your workflow in Reason, turn Maia into a unique FX processor by routing your sounds through the audio in bus to re-process your favourite VSTs.

Dense evolving pads, harmonious plucks with character, aggressive mono bass and rhythmic sequencer patches are just some of the useful sounds you can get out of this unique RE - Start your trial today and bring the sound of Maia to your world!



Dual synth architecture with a wide range of sounds

Waveshaper filter

Three devices in one: Maia is not just a full featured synthesizer, it's also a multi FX and a dual step sequencer

Factory Bank: over 200 patches in 10 categories


 Download Maia user manual

 Download Maia ReMote map template





Sound demo

All instruments from Maia. Drums from Propellerhead Reason Factory Sound Bank.

Official demo song produced and performed by Masslevel.


Maia manual pdf