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11 November 2016

    Our gift to the Reason community

So anyway: as you may know, we are 20 years old. Such an important birthday wouldn't be complete without a gift.

Please accept our QuickSilver Anniversary Edition refill as a token of our gratitude.

QUICKSILVER was our first refill that exploited the specific features of NN-XT sampler. We invented many tricks that were used for the very first time (for example the "release trigger" option which were implemented in props' Reason Electric Bass later), so we are sure it's worth to download, you will enjoy it!


10 November 2016


PinkNoise Studio was founded in November 1996, which means WE ARE 20 YEARS OLD! :)

We wish to celebrate this great moment by announcing our anniversary sale: now you can save on all of our products until the end of this year.

We would like to thank all of our customers, without their support we wouldn't have gotten this far. THANK YOU!


And now for a little nostalgia. Wow… how time flies! In 1996 there were no useable software samplers, we had to work with slow samplers and unstable sound cards, using only a few Mbs of RAM.
Thinking back it was a real nightmare. Later we started to work with Gigasampler (1998) and tried other hw based sample formats, but the real godsend was the NN-19 in 2000!
First of all, it was stable. Second, it was STABLE!! Moreover, it was easy to program, thanks to its smart interface - a love at first sight.
And then… we are here! :)


14 October 2016

   EPIK4 has been released

We're proud to present our latest refill: EPIK4 is out!

EPIK4 is a synth refill, based on the sounds of the KAWAI K4 synthesizer.
It gives you sounds of the 90s with a modern twist.



6 April 2016

   Essence version 1.2 is out!

Our most versatile refill has become even better.

What's new: processed drum loops!

- 150 carefully edited rex2 drum loops

- 20 Octo Rex patches

- some new Combi & NN-XT patches, minor enhancemnents on existing patches

Get it now, it's free for registered users!


2 December 2015

   Essence demo refill is out

ESSENCE is the most versatile and complex refill that we have ever created.
Now you can check out the demo versions:


Contents: 12 Combinators, 27 NN-XT patches and 1 demosong (Golden triangle), based on 200 MB samples. Download it now!


14 September 2015

   Video review of ESSENCE


28 July 2015

   ESSENCE is out!

PinkNoise Studio proudly presents ESSENCE.
Our aim was to create a general purpose refill library that is useful for anyone, whether they are beginners or professional musicians.

ESSENCE is the first refill that 100% compatible with both Reason Essential and Reason.


21 February 2014

   ORANGE4 has been released

We're proud to present: ORANGE4 is finally out!

ORANGE4 is a wavetable synth refill, based on the sounds of the famous Waldorf MicroWave Xtk synthesizer.

ORANGE3 and LEMON users can upgrade, for a special price please login and check the special offers page!

At the same time LEMON has been discontinued - R.I.P.



26 April 2013

   KLP2 has been released

Our brand new refill is out! KLP2 is a loop based melodic arpeggiator & bass sequence player for Reason 6.

KLP2 gives you a totally new inspiring way to mix, modify and tweak sequence runs on the fly.



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